Zendaya denies rumors of pregnancy after a video joke on TikTok

Zendaya denied rumors that she was pregnant with a boyfriend Tom Holland after many of her fans were fooled by a recent joke on TikTok.

The videos, which went viral and were created on a popular video hosting site, contain a fake ultrasound image that was edited as if it had been posted by the Euphoria star herself.

See, that’s why I stay away from Twitter. I just make up all sorts of nonsense for no reason … weekly, “the actress wrote on her social media on Wednesday.

As fans of the actress did not know all the nuances of this joke, they were puzzled when the video became a trend. “Wait, is Zendaya pregnant? I need to know your source, why everyone is talking about it,” one user wrote. Is Zendaia pregnant ??? “Update Twitter to make sure the trend is fake,” wrote outraged users.

The young Hollywood stars still don’t think about children and just enjoy their company. The actress recently congratulated her “SPIDER” on his 26th birthday, writing that it was Tom who made her happiest.

Either way, the couple is trying to keep the memorable moments out of the public eye, so they are unlikely to allow the pregnancy to end in such a ridiculous format.

However, Holland admitted to People that he can’t wait to become a father. Zendaya seems to be perfect for this special role in her life!

In a previous post, for several years the star of the TV series Euphoria and actor Tom Holland denied a romantic relationship, but after recent photos, everything secretly became clear.

Why then did Zendaya and Spider-Man hide their tender feelings for so long and now decide to open up to the whole world? The stars began to appear on social media after the film world learned about the joint photos of Zendaya and Holland in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Back in July 2016, the actors posed for a beautiful photo while relaxing in the pool.

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