Zack and Tori Roloff worry that something is not “legally wrong” with their son

In the brand new episode of “Little People” this week, The Big World, Tori Roloff and Zack Roloff are of great concern.

And that’s why it focuses on their eldest child, Jackson.

The five-year-old underwent surgery on his leg last December to help fix a problem caused by achondroplasia, the type of dwarf that affects Jackson, his two siblings, his paternal grandparents and his father. .

“I think this is the beginning of a long journey,” Zack said of his son and his bent legs in the summer of 2021, after doctors recommended Jackson’s procedure.

This procedure took place a few months later.

And the episode “Little People, Big World”, which airs on June 21, was filmed shortly after.

“Something’s wrong,” Tory said in a short look shared online by Entertainment Tonight.

“He’s not making progress, as they said he would.”

Roloffs in the presence

The purpose of this operation, Tori said earlier on the air, is to “slow down growth and allow bone [in Jackson’s legs] to catch up. ”

After some complaints of pain from the young child, Torrey decided that the couple would “make sure there is no real structural damage” by consulting their doctor.

In this same video, Zack tells his motherAmy:

“If something is not treated or grows properly, I want to correct myself – especially before a new baby appears.

Tori Roloff, Zack Roloff, Jackson Roloff and Laila Roloff on Easter 2022

Just weeks after filming the installation, the Roloff family welcomed their third child together, a son named Josiah, who was diagnosed with achondroplasia – just like his father and siblings.

Due to Matt Roloff’s physical ailments, the father of four has undergone 15 surgeries over the years.

Nowadays he can only walk on crutches.

Zack, on the other hand, had several operations on his legs as a child, also due to folded legs … and they went well. Above all, he can walk well as an adult.

Family portrait of Roloff
Tori and Zack Roloff with son Jackson and daughter Laila are pictured here. Could they be sweeter?!?

Speaking to Us Weekly this spring, Zack noted Jackson’s progress, telling the tabloids in May that “he’s doing great. Everything is great. ”

The TLC spokesman added that it would take about “four or five years” to see the change in his son’s legs, noting that people often wonder why they still look bent.

“It’s not a one-night stand, if you will,” he explained at the time.

Fortunately, however, this interview was provided, and this message spread long after the look quoted here was taken … so it’s reassuring to know that Jackson is recovering.

Celebrating young Jackson

Meanwhile, at the same meeting, Torrey said that Jackson was just beginning to “connect” with his condition.

“I watched dwarf football – a bunch of dwarves play in a game on YouTube – and [Jackson] says, “Why are these players so short?” Zack reminded us.

“And he was watching some fans with the coaching staff. He says, “These players are tall, you know?”

“And I was like, well, these players have a dwarf. They are like you and me. ”

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