YouTube downloads Jan. 6 commission video for misinformation about the Trump election

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YouTube has downloaded a video uploaded since January. The 6th Video Platform Commission said the video, which includes a video of former President Donald Trump telling lies about the 2020 election, spreads misinformation without proper context.

The video was one of many uploaded by the commission of the House of Representatives, which is investigating Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol by the pro-Trump mob as a way to create an online record of his work and share it with more people.

The video includes former Attorney General William P. Barr, but also includes a clip from a television interview in which Trump said some of his votes were given to Joe Biden. The video was short and did not include Bar or anyone else who specifically called Trump’s statement a lie.

“Our election integrity policy prohibits content that falsely alleges that widespread fraud, errors or problems have altered the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election if it does not provide sufficient context,” said YouTube spokesman Ivy Choi. “We apply our policies equally to everyone.”

After the 2020 election, YouTube changed its rules to prohibition claims that the election was fraudulent or stolen. In the days after Jan. 6, he banned Trump’s channel from the platform, an action that was also taken by Facebook and Twitter on their sites.

YouTube has been a key platform used for years to spread false claims about vaccines and election results. During the pandemic, the company began to push misinformation about the coronavirus and the efficacy of vaccines. The 2020 election and the campaign by Trump and his supporters to undo the results forced the company to fight even harder with its role as a platform for broadcasting false allegations that could undermine people’s faith in the election.

Company leaders have repeatedly said they do not want to act as political censors or guardians, and have tried to develop policies that they can impose in a way that seems neutral. This seems to be the reason for Jan’s removal. 6 video of the commission.

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