WORLD Channel celebrates June 10 with films honoring the freedom, history and achievements of blacks

This year, for the first time, all 50 states will recognize June 19 (June 19) as a federal holiday.

To honor the history, freedom, and achievements of blacks on the day that marks 1865, when Texas slaves realized two and a half years late that they were free – thus officially ending slavery in the United States – WORLD Channel has compiled a selected playlist of 19 documentaries that center the stories of blacks and American characters of African descent.

Chris Hastings, executive producer / managing editor of the WORLD Channel, expressed hope that “our curated proposals help viewers remember the past while imagining the promise of the future,” according to a press release.

Titles highlighted in the viewing guide include Ashley O’Shea’s 2020 Unapologetic, which follows two young black strange women, Janae and Bella, and has been running for four years, covering police campaigns. murders of Rekia. Boyd in 2012 and Laquan MacDonald in 2014.

Other highlights include “Goin ‘Back To T-Town” by Carmen Fields and “How It Feels To Be Free” by director Yoruba Richen. The first tells the story of the prosperous city of Greenwood, a black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that has been subjected to one of the worst racially motivated massacres in the nation’s history. The latter is a contemporary view of racism in the entertainment industry, narrated from the perspective of Nina Simone, Pam Greer and other iconic black artists.

Meanwhile, the short film “On All Front”, directed by Joe Lee Grande, offers an insight into the experiences of a two-racial family affected by violence against blacks and anti-Asians in 2020-2021, and how they moved in difficult conversations about racial calculation. .

To see the full list and find information on how you can watch movies, check out the 19 WORLD Channel movies to watch to celebrate June 10 TIMES.

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