Why do banned apps like Pubg still reach children? NCPCR President Priyanc Canungo explains

The government has banned PUBG in India. However, many people still play this game in the country. How does a game like PUBG exist despite the ban? Why do these banned applications still reach children? Why are there games like gambling? Learn all the answers about Zee Business in an exclusive chat with the President of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) Priyank Kanungo.

Why do these banned applications still reach children?
Priyank Kanungo said China and other countries like China are committed to inciting violent activity in the minds of Indian children through games.
Pubg is banned in India. But at the Asian Games in China, PUBG was included in the e-sports category. We called on the government, as well as the Indian Olympic Association, to address this issue and state their position on e-sports, he added.

Skill game or chance game – Which game should be regulated?
The NCPCR chairman said that all games that reach children must be regulated, be it a skill game or a game of chance. He also said that in India there is no such mechanism to find out which Internet or SIM card children use, as this SIM card is provided to people over 18 in the country. He suggested that the government should start making connections on behalf of children with limited access – for example, time restrictions, site restrictions, games restrictions, etc.

How to limit games with skills in India that make a child addicted to violence?
Kanungo said there is a strong need for a regulatory mechanism in the country. Without that, we are putting our children in danger, he added.

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Electronic games are said to be the new future and are also boosting the economy. In such a situation, will the ban on electronic games not affect the economy?
He said we are never saying to ban all electronic games altogether. In fact, we say that the government needs to set up a regulatory body to take care of what games are available to children.

What is your appeal in the letter to the government?
He said we asked the government for two things: First, even after PUBG is banned in the country, children gain access, restrict it and find out where the doors are. Secondly, we need to be given a list of games that are allowed in India.

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