While the COVID virus spared mostly children, Dr. Fauci doesn’t … Tony Fauci kills 300,000 to 900,000 children with his blockades, mostly in Africa

From February 2022 882 children died from the COVID virus in the United States.
The majority of these deaths are children who died from the C virus, not the OT virus.

During the same period, only in 2021 3 children died of seasonal flu, a disease that usually takes the lives of hundreds of children.

The COVID virus in Wuhan has almost zero chance of infecting children. This has been widely known since the disease was declared a pandemic in 2020.

But while the COVID virus spared the children, Dr. Fauci didn’t. The evil tyrant from NIAID killed 280,000 to 911,000 children with his economic blockades, mostly in Africa.

A new study shows that 280,000 to 911,000 children were killed by Dr. Fauci’s crazy blocks.

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Dr. Fauci killed black children.

FLAT FIRST reported:

In low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), economic downturns can lead to increased infant mortality through impacts on nutritional, environmental and carers. This study estimates the potential loss of life in children under five due to the economic downturn in 2020. We used a multi-level, mixed-effect model to assess the relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and levels of mortality below 5 years (U5MRs), specific to each of the 129 LMICs. Public data were extracted from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators Database and the United Nations World Population Outlook for 1990-2020. Country-specific regression coefficients for the relationship between infant mortality and GDP were used to assess the impact on U5MR of GDP per capita reductions of 5%, 10% and 15%. It is estimated that a 5% reduction in GDP per capita in 2020 will lead to an additional 282,996 deaths in children under 5 in 2020. At 10% and 15%, recessions have led to higher loss of life. under 5 years, increasing to 585,802 and 911,026 additional deaths, respectively. Nearly half of all potential lives lost under the age of 5 in the LMIC are estimated in sub-Saharan Africa. As most of these deaths are likely to be due to nutritional and environmental factors susceptible to intervention, countries need to ensure continued investment in nutritional supplements, growth monitoring and comprehensive primary health care to mitigate potential burdens.

Dear Dr. Jay Bhatacarya weighed.

or previous study estimated the number of deaths of infants from poor and middle-income countries with incomes of nearly 228,000 deaths due to the Fauci blockade.

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