What do you think of the new Predator movie?

Lootnew record in Predator franchise, was released via the streaming service Hulu, and this one does something a little different with its setting: directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) based on a script by Patrick Eason (Jack Ryan), Loot set in 1700. Our reviewer Lance Vlcek gave the film a 7/10 review, and you can hear his thoughts on it in the video embedded above. But now it’s time to tell us what you think Loot. Do you think this is a worthy entry in the franchise? Did you think he was the worst of the bunch? The best? Somewhere in the middle? Share your thoughts on Loot and let us know how you would rank it among the rest Predator movies by leaving a comment below.

Loot has the following synopsis:

Set in the Comanche nation 300 years ago, Loot is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She was raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. The prey she stalks and eventually encounters turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, leading to a brutal and terrifying battle between the two adversaries.

As promised in a press release, Loot is available on Hulu “entirely in Comanche as a language option or with Comanche subtitles, marking the first time a feature film on a direct-to-consumer streaming platform has been available entirely in the Comanche language.”

Jon Davis is producing Loot with Marty Ewing and Jane Myers, who is a native Comanche. Lawrence Gordon, Ben Rosenblatt, James E. Thomas, John S. Thomas and Mark Toberoff served as executive producers.

Amber Midthunder (Roswell, New Mexico) Dakota Beavers (of the band WesternBoy), Stormy Kip (Sooyee), Michelle Thrush (The journey home), Julian black antelope (Tribal), Cody Big Tobacco (The return), Sky Pelletier (Burden of truth), Tymon Carter (The emigrants), and Harlan Blaine Kitweihat (Shoresy) star in the film, with Dane DiLiegro (American Horror Stories), a 6’9″ former basketball player who has experience working with creature suits, such as the Predator.


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