Weather update in Bengaluru for the hours of the match on June 19

The latest T20I on India against. South Africa The series will take place tonight at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Both nations have won two T20Is in the series so far, and the winner of the battle tonight will win the trophy.

Fans can expect a straight race at M Chinnaswamy Stadium. However, rain can play the role of spoiling in the long-awaited meeting. According to AccuWeather, thunderstorms are forecast in Bengaluru at 19:00, the starting time of the match.

Weather forecasts suggest that the sky will remain cloudy from 20 to 23 hours, with about 30 to 40% chance of precipitation. It should come as no surprise if the DLS method comes into play tonight at M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

The captain who wins the throw will be the first to throw a bowl due to the rain factor. Looking at the current weather forecast, the match should take place in Bengaluru and the fans should get a winner in this series.

The Overs will be cut off from both innings if the match starts after 20:00 in Bengaluru

The scheduled start time of the match at M Chinnaswamy Stadium is 19:00 local time. According to the rules, overs will not be deducted if the match starts even one hour after the scheduled start time, but if the rain does not allow to play until 20:00, the officials will deduct the overs.

A minimum of five overs must be played in both innings to determine a winner. It will be interesting to see which team takes the lead if the match takes place at M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

If the match is stopped, both teams will share the trophy, with the final score being 2-2.

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