“Weapons reform” is just another word for “nothing to lose”

By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics

Last week came the announcement that a “bipartisan” group of 20 senators, including 10 Republicans, had reached an agreement to reform gun laws in response to mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uwalde, Texas.

No one should be surprised. When Democrats raise the “reform” of the political flag, a small but reliable cadre of submissive Republicans is always available to congratulate, especially after being told that the nation is in crisis.

The first chief of staff of President Obama Ram Emmanuel said the quiet part of his voice during the Great Recession, when he told the Wall Street Journal: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is the ability to do things that you think you can’t do before. ”

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In that case, it meant spending nearly $ 800 billion on Obama’s Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act, a stimulus program that was supposed to put the economy in jeopardy. Did it work? Well, it depends. The recession was over, but it would be over anyway. What he achieved, which could not have happened naturally, was an increase in public dependence on government donations in the form of extended unemployment benefits and incentive checks.

In retrospect, the 2009 stimulus program was a dry job for the much more inflated COVID-19 stimulus packages, which cost nearly $ 6 trillion, turned millions of Americans into drug addicts and destroyed thousands of small businesses.

This is what Emmanuel and his Democratic allies Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would call economic reform. This is what I would call the first step toward Chinese state capitalism, teaching Americans that government is a provider of economic stability and personal security. You can also call it a huge bribe.

In the case of COVID, payment in exchange for loss of civil liberties in the form of blockades and compulsory vaccinations. Do what we want and we will take care of you.

This way of thinking is a prerequisite for convincing society to accept changes and autocratic rules, which at first glance are illogical, impractical and un-American. By reversing people’s relations with the government so that people no longer enjoy the championship, we are no longer “We, the people”, but rather “We, the governed”, it is possible to dictate over time the full reshaping society. The problem with the weapon illustrates this perfectly.

Remember that the Constitution guarantees “the right of people to keep and bear arms” and firmly states that this right “must not be violated.” But all Democrats and at least 10 Republican senators want to convince you that they are not violating your rights while belittling the Second Amendment, piece by piece, deciding what types of firearms you can buy, when and how much, and requiring a concealed license.

A fair reading of the Constitution would conclude that the right to bear arms is drastically violated when the government sets conditions for how you carry them. In addition, laws with a red flag, backed by proponents of gun reform, not only violate the Second Amendment, but also violate the most valuable guarantees of due process and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Oh, well, it’s just Bill of Rights.

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And if “bipartisan” reformers can ignore or ignore the Constitution, then how much easier will it be for them to reform us in full obedience when a new “crisis” is announced by the mainstream media. In the end, reform will be just another word for “nothing to lose.”

Let us look at the various “reforms” that left-wing politicians have carried out or considered over the last 20 years.

Health care reform was the first success of what Barack Obama rightly called the “fundamental transformation” of America from a nation of cruel individuals to a collection of hand-held petitioners for the next decision. For more than 50 years, conservative politicians have rejected the claim that it is a fundamental human right for all Americans to receive essentially equal health care. If there is a natural right to health care, there is also a natural right to be paid for the services provided and the doctors to work when and how they decide.

But that sounded harsh, so when Democrats promised unlimited health care, they became what Elon Musk recently described as a “party of kindness.” This largely sums up their entire strategy of persuading the American public to reject the age-old tradition in the name of “reform” – no criminal, drug addict, dead, degenerate or corrupt politician can be abandoned. We must extend a hand of kindness to all of them.

So we get immigration reform, energy reform, drug law reform, gun law reform, and now electoral reform. So who can be against the reform? It’s as if the word “reform” is a trigger word like the ones hypnotists use to make their subjects bark like dogs. For some reason, every time Republican Democrats and useful idiots tell Americans that something is reform, they lose all power of insight.

Think about this. Immigration reform has never meant restoring order in our immigration system by closing the border and restricting immigration to foreigners who have applied legally, tested and proved their love for the country they want to enter. Hell no. Instead, it means amnesty, if not citizenship, for the millions of lawbreakers who have already entered the country illegally. This is not a reform. This is a capitulation.

Energy reform is a code for the Green New Deal, which means eliminating fossil fuels, the most practical and inexpensive forms of energy, and replacing them with experimental technologies that will make more billionaires in Silicon Valley and make the rest of us dependent on the whims of bureaucrats and the vagaries of government mandates and restrictions.

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As for electoral reform, thanks to Democrats in Congress, we now know that it means banning states from requiring voter identification so we can really find out who voted and whether they were legally allowed to do so in the first place. . If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is. But the progressive left will continue to push it under the banner of reform – and call anyone who disagrees “racist” – until they can get enough Republicans to turn it around. in law.

Reforming the drug law means raising our hands and saying that we value empty prison cells more than we value a full life. Just because millions of Americans want to rule out a meaningful future for their next decision does not mean that society should approve of such irresponsibility.

Meanwhile, criminal justice reform may be the biggest threat to the rest of us, as far-left prosecutors in big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philadelphia have shown. When reform means letting criminals take to the streets to rob, terrorize and kill without consequences, it is difficult to see the difference between civilization and barbarism.

But this reckless far-left policy may have been the slap we needed. When Progressive San Francisco voted earlier this month to give the boot to Radical District Attorney Chesa Budin, they gave hope to the rest of us that we can wake up from our reform-induced trance and start thinking like people, not like Pavlov’s dogs.

But that hope will only come true if enough people rise up like Elon Musk and remove the chains of “goodness” that have bound them for too long. Get out of the Democrats’ “school reform” and start thinking for yourself.

Syndicated with permission from Real Clear Wire.

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