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The full free movie of the day is posted on YouTube channel of JoBlo Movies every day of the week – but on Friday things get a little weirder and a little more fun. Start your weekend the right way by indulging in it Great Friday nights!! Every Friday we will watch another genre film that you can watch in full, for free, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embedded here.

This week we add some fears to your Friday night with a found film with footage from directorial duo Sam Casserley and Airel Anthony Hales, the UK 2020 production. They are outside. Who are the “they” in question? You will have to watch the movie to find out. And don’t feel too safe just because they’re out, because they may find a way to get you out with them. Or maybe they will even go inside to join you. You never know what they will do.

They are outside tells the following story:

While filming a documentary about a woman with agoraphobia, a famous psychologist was involved in supernatural events.

They are outside of Tom Whitley Christine Randall

Co-director Hales also wrote the screenplay for the film, creating a mythology that involves people trapped in an unearthly desert known as the Infinite Forests. So it looks pretty appropriate They are outside stars Tom Whitley, who began as a child actor, providing the voice of Christopher Robin for various projects of Winnie the Pooh. Whitley played a character who had friends in the Hundred Acres of Forest, now he’s talking about the Endless Forests.

Casserley and Hales made some interesting choices while assembling their intended film, which is apparently one of the few film films found that is not meant to fool the audience into thinking that these events really happened. It’s hard to accept the reality of these shots when one of the characters is played by Emily Booth, who not only has over a dozen other horror movies in her name, but is also a well-known TV presenter in the UK. No complaints, it’s always nice to see a genre pop up regularly in another horror project. We just know this guy isn’t Penny. This is Bouff.

The cast also includes Emma Burden-Sutton, Brad Moore, John-Paul Gates, Rob Crane and Christine Randall – formerly best known as “The Green Chick” in Full moon classic Evil Bong 3: Bong’s Wrath. There is also something like an icon of the genre, but you may not recognize it because his face is not buried under the prosthesis this time. This is Nicholas Vince, who played Chatterer Cenobite The causative agent of hell and Hellbound: Hellraiser IIthen work with The causative agent of hell creator Clive Barker again when he plays the character Kinski in Barker’s Night breed. IN They are outside he is just an ordinary man, a professor of folklore, who starts the film by speaking directly to the audience for a few minutes directly. Just before Whitley’s character appeared to speak directly to the audience for a while. As I said before, an interesting choice.

“They” in this film with found footage are not Blair’s witch, but they were still very good at ruining a person’s day. So give They are outside chance. After all, it’s free!

They are off Friday frightening evenings

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