Warriors win NBA 2022 finals with xxxM watching ABC – deadline

Download Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 of 2022 NBA The finals in the Massachusetts metropolis last night, Golden State Warriors they consolidated their dynasty with their fourth championship in the last decade.

Already well embedded in the basketball pantheon, the big win for Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Clay Thompson and their teammates, plus coach Steve Kerr may be even sweeter after the last two seasons when the brilliance seemed to be outside the Bay Area team. Celebrating with a trophy in hand on the floor of TD Garden in Boston on Thursday, team leaders born of the Warriors and New England, Peter Gruber and Joe Luck, shone with pride and enthusiasm.

Having undergone turbulent seas assessments in the last two years Covid-19 pandemic, A B C you have to feel pretty much a winner, at least in the short term. They had the most-watched prime-time show on Thursday, the highest-rated (4.3 / 38) show among esteemed demographic groups 18-49, and won the evening.

Until 2022 NBA Finals high, last night’s nearly three-hour prime time Game 6 saw 13.99 million viewers for the Disney-owned network.

Now, like most of this year’s b-ball championship series, this is actually good and bad news for the ABC and NBA. The advantage is that last night’s Game 6 audience saw an increase of almost 12% in viewership for the tough pandemic match 6 on July 20 last year, when the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns 105-98 to secure their own championship. In addition, as expected, the television audience of Game 6 increased compared to Game 5 on June 13 – although frankly 7% growth was less than expected.

The real downside is, as was the case with apples to apples during this year’s finals, game 6 of the NBA 2022 finals fell by a heavy 24% in viewership compared to the pre-pandemic game 6 of the 2019 NBA finals on June 13 that year. What makes this decline even more pronounced is that in the 2019 series, the losing Warriors face the only non-US NBA team, the Toronto Raptors. So while the NBA Finals 2019 were out of the Big White North rankings, they were already lame to have only one US market to draw from.

Overall, the 2019 finals average about 15 million sets of eyes, a number that the 2022 NBA Finals have no chance of catching up with.

After all, for the Warriors, victory is victory, and victory obviously tastes good at night and on the flight home.

See all the results in prime time from Nielsen for last night in our chart:

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