Wait, Chloe Kardashian is dating again ?! Everything we know so far!

Chloe Kardashian maybe find love again!

Just days after denying the rumors of online romance, a source is now open people for Khloé’s love life, it sounds SURE she’s found someone new!

On Monday, an insider told the publication that KUWTK Alum is reported to be reunited! The trustee described the mysterious man of the 37-year-old woman as a private investor, whom she met when Kim Kardashian introduced them to dinner a few weeks ago. It is said that the duo is in an early stage of a relationship, as the reality star is obviously feeling very well with his new handsome man! This is exciting!

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I must say that the weather could not be more confusing, given that Khlo JUST told his followers that she is not currently focused on meetings. In Friday, Real ThompsonThe mother ‘s responses to the fan’ s account denied speculation that she was dating “Friend NBA player. ” She wrote:

“Definitely NOT true !!! I love you! Thanks for the good wishes, but I don’t see a soul. I am happy to focus on my daughter and myself for a while. ”


So, uh, what’s this news about a mysterious man then ?!

Seeing where this comes from people magazine, we must believe that there is some truth behind this! We mean that they do not publish this type of tea without much confidence in their sources! Especially after Khloé made such a bold statement about his romantic life! Surely the source knows something, right ?!

But if she did, then why would she deny the rumors so strongly? Maybe the connection is fair that new that the model does not want any gossip to spoil it ?! Or did she just want to stop blabbering on like this? The fans were quite shocked by this idea considering her experience …

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Of course, this noise in the relationship comes after the last two episodes of The Kardashians broadcast it dirty laundry with ex Tristan Thompson. Hulu the cameras were able to capture the moments when the mother learned that her father had cheated on her Marali Nicholswho met a boy named On last year.

Previously, Good American he was a founder married to Lamar Odom from 2009 to 2016. It also occurs Philadelphia 76ers get started James Harden between 2015 and 2016. So, she had her fair share of NBA players and didn’t turn out great in the long run!

A private equity investor sounds like a whole new person to her – and even better, Kim set them up! So why not share the happy news ?! Maybe she just didn’t want fans to get the wrong idea about her mysterious husband? Or maybe it’s very recent – like really recently !! – take things to a more serious level with your new BF?

It’s hard to know, but things can change for a moment for this famous family, so who knows ?! We will have to wait and see! Reactions, readers of Perezcious? Do you think Chloe is dating again ?! And if so, who do you think is the lucky one?

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson/Instagram]

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