Vince McMahon sends four-word message to SmackDown after resigning as chairman and CEO of WWE

Vince McMahon is in the headlines during an eventful week of news in the world of wrestling. After it was announced that he would retire as WWE Chairman and CEO, fans were greeted with another surprise when the company confirmed that McMahon will appear on SmackDown. On Friday, he sent a short message to fans.

There was a lot of curiosity about what he would say after the latest statements against him. They seemingly forced him to resign voluntarily from power in the WWE after four decades.

McMahon appeared in the opening segment of SmackDown and simply said it was a privilege to be in front of the fans. He also cites the opening slogan of the video package for all WWE broadcasts.

“Here’s something to remind you of the four words we just saw, what we call the WWE signature. Then, now, forever, and the most important word – together. Welcome to SmackDown,” said Vince McMahon.

It was a strange way to do the promotion, with some expecting him to point out the accusations made against him. Instead, he did not comment on them at all. He also said nothing about the news that he was stepping down as CEO and chairman of the company.

Mr. @VinceMcMahon speak to @WWE Fans of the universe tonight # Breaking. McMahon did not address the alleged allegations (he resigned as chairman and chief executive while the investigation was ongoing), but instead WWE was accustomed to having fun. @FOXSports

Nevertheless, announcing the appearance of Vince McMahon will probably help raise the rating. In all likelihood, this is exactly what we will see when the ratings come out in a day.

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