Video proves Dan Crenshaw’s squad attacked conservative comedian Alex Stein, media lied to cover him up

New video posted by Cassidy Campbell about the incident between the rappers. Dan Crenshaw and conservative comedian Alex Stein are proving that the media lied about what happened during the Republican conference in Texas.

Numerous publications claimed that Stein and his friends attacked the congressman and his staff while confronting him with his bad policies, including his support for the Red Flag laws and the seemingly endless funding for Ukraine.

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the media released the headline “Dan Crenshaw and Staff Physically Attacked by Right-Wing Attackers Screaming” McCain’s blindfold “in TX GOP”.

Crenshaw’s own quote tweeted the statement, writing: “Here’s what happens when angry little boys like @ alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t find girlfriends” shrugged.

Stein said he was significantly taller than the congressman, who said he was 5’8.

More importantly, the video does not show what is being claimed – which people on social media were quick to shout.

A new video released early Sunday morning showed in full detail and without a shadow of a doubt that Stein was attacked by Crenshaw people, including Matt Wiltshire.

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