(Video) Anonymous juror says Amber Heard’s testimony was not credible

IN Johnny Depp and Amber Heard the case ended a week ago, and an anonymous juror explained why it didn’t work out in her favor.

In an exclusive village Good morning America“One of the five men” on the jury said Hurd’s testimony was “incredible.”

It didn’t turn out to be so plausible. He seemed to be able to switch the key to his emotions.

An unnamed juror went on to say:


he would answer a question, and she would cry, and two seconds later she would become icy cold. It didn’t look natural.

He also said the jury saw “crocodile tears” when Hurd cried. As for Depp’s testimony, it was reported that his “looked a little more real.”

At the moment, this juror is the only one who spoke in the record of the case and asked for his name to be used.

Most recently, Hurd stated she was still in love with Depp. She told the Today show:

Love it. I loved him with all my heart. And I did my best to make a deeply broken relationship work. I could not. There are no bad feelings or bad will towards him at all. I know this can be difficult to understand or this it can be really easy to understand. If you’ve ever loved someone, it must be easy.

As you know, the jury awarded Depp $ 10 million in damages. Hurd was also rewarded with $ 2 million in her counterclaim.

Roommates, what do you think about that?

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