VHS copy of “Back To the Future” sells for $ 75,000, setting a new auction record


Sometimes nostalgia comes at a great price.

A sealed, near-perfect VHS tape from 1986 on “Back to the Future” was recently sold at auction for $ 75,000, setting a new record for a videotape.

The VHS copy is owned by actor Tom Wilson, who plays Biff Tannen in the classic ’80s film. Wilson initially listed the tape, along with others, on eBay, but downloaded it when he received a huge response. Then he reached for Heritage auctions in Dallas to make the right sale.

Wilson’s collection included sealed and ranked VHS tapes of “Back to the Future II”, “Back to the Future III” and the “Back to the Future” trilogy from 1990. What made this collection special was Wilson’s proposal to write a note to accompany each tape and sign each shipment.

A New York-based collector has won the bidding war for the VHS copy of Back to the Future, Heritage Auctions said, adding that the $ 75,000 price tag is “the highest price ever paid at an auction for a sealed VHS-rated cassette.”

VHS tapes are experiencing a resurgence among collectors, with Heritage Auctions earning big bucks for films such as “The Goonies”, “Ghostbusters” and “Jaws”.

“We had no idea what was going to happen – no one had done this before and to see the success, it’s amazing,” Joe Madalena, executive vice president of Heritage Auctions, told CNN. “When you see this, it’s a great sense of accomplishment, not even the financial aspect of it, but just a moment of ‘I knew it!’ I knew nostalgic VHS tapes would be good. ”

Madalena said she hopes the sale will spark renewed interest in VHS tapes and encourage more celebrities to part with their collections.

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