Valorant’s servers will be temporarily removed from 06:00 PDT in preparation for the new Pearl and Episode 5 card

of Valorant the brand new episode, Dimension, will be out in a few hours, and the new update has an exciting number of changes and content ready for fans.

One of the biggest highlights of the upcoming patch 5.0 will be the arrival of Pearl’s new map, along with a brand new weapon skin line, a new Battle Pass and new stickers, sprays and weapon friends.


In their official Server status websiteRiot Games has officially announced that in light of the upcoming episode and patch 5.0Valorant’s servers will be temporarily down at 06:00 PDT for the North American, LATAM and Brazilian regions.

The servers are expected to be down for an hour or two, as the update is quite large. However, before the patch falls, the race queue will also be deactivated, and player ranks will be reset completely.

The upcoming Valorant Pearl map is a miracle under the waves

One of the most attractive features that pearl is expected to arrive with its basic aesthetics and how Riot Games managed to defend the concept of the “miracle under the waves” for the map, boasting numerous paths to plant sites and a chaotic middle ground.

This will be the first card from Omega Earth or Earth-2 in the mirror history of the game and it will be quite exciting to see how it performs in both standard and competitive matchmaking.

Unlike previous cards, Pearl will not boast of any special features such as zippers, doors, ropes or even teleports. It is quite traditional in design and will support three straps like Haven, devoid of any mechanical hooks.

There is something to see under the sea. Which part of Pearl are you most excited to explore?

Aesthetically, the arena will have a cooler color palette, which will evoke something like a night map, which was absent in previous Valorant cards so far. Strategically, it will include many hiding places and corners that will open up new ways to ambush the enemy and outwit.

Speaking of cards, as Pearl makes its way to live servers later today, Split will make an exit and the card will be removed from rotation for both racing and standard matches. Riot is concerned about the health of the Valorant card; therefore, they will seek to temporarily remove Split from the game.

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