Uwalde’s victim’s family, reporters asked to leave before police testify – deadline

Parents and reporters were asked to leave Uwalde City Hall this afternoon before a Texas committee of the House of Representatives held a hearing to collect testimony from employees involved in the response to a school shooting who killed 19 students and two teachers and wounded 17 others there last month.

Video posted by CNNShimon Prokupets shows that a firefighter told Prokupets that they were asked to leave the meeting because “someone is scared”.

As the conversation continues, a priest walks in, saying he has “come down to protect our children.”

Another man, whose nephew is reportedly among those killed in the shooting, asked the fire department: “What kind of people are scared, officers?”

The fire sheriff responded by asking the man – who wears a pin with a child’s photo on it and a Uvalde Strong T-shirt – to leave the building.

“Are you a parent, sir?” Prokepets asks the man as he goes out.

“Yes, I am and my children are scared,” he replied.

According to Associated Press, commission chairman Dustin Burroughs said the group would hear testimony from Uwalde policewoman, an employee of the school district and someone from the public safety department during the town hall meeting. Burroughs reportedly made his opening remarks and then blocked the public from listening to witnesses.

The hearings will continue tomorrow in Austin, according to the AP.

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