US Navy launches instructional video in the style of “Children’s Show” to train sailors on “Correct pronouns for sex” and create a “Safe Space”

In the “honorable” month of pride, the US Navy released a new training video for their sailors that teaches them to use “correct gender pronouns” to create a “safe space for all”.

The ridiculous video, which looks like it was cut from a children’s TV show, features two rainbow-dressed presenters who both present themselves with their favorite pronouns.

“Hello! My name is Johnny and I use the pronouns he / he, ”said Navy Underwater Warfare Center engineer Johnny Rosen when the video began.

“Hello. My name is Conci and I use her / her pronouns, ”added fellow naval engineer Conci Vázquez.

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For nearly four minutes, the couple lectured on the importance of “affirming” people’s identities, always calling them by their preferred pronouns – as failing to do so is a form of “disrespect” and can disrupt someone else’s safety. . One easy way to avoid this bigotry, they say, is to “include our pronouns in your emails” – thus proving that you are an “ally” and someone who “accepts everyone.”

Rosen and Vazquez also stressed the importance of using “gender-neutral language” so as not to offend anyone who may not have decided on their pronouns “yet”.

“Instead of saying ‘Hey, boys,’ you can say ‘Hey, everyone,’ or ‘Hey, team,'” Rosen said.

“Another way we can show that we are allies and that we accept everyone is perhaps to include our pronouns in our emails or, as we have just done, to introduce ourselves using our pronouns,” Vazquez added.

Oh, and if you commit the grave sin of mistaken someone – do not worry, there is a way back to the good graces of the fleet. As Vazquez says, “it’s not the end of the world” – well, as long as you “correct” your fanatical behavior.

From the training video of the Navy:

“I think the first thing we have to admit is that this is not the end of the world. You correct yourself and move on, or you accept the correction and move on. “The most important thing I can tell you is not to shift the burden of feeling good about your mistake onto the person you just mistaken,” Vazquez said.

Yes, indeed … Because this is exactly what the US military needs to focus on, as Russia is on its knees in Ukraine and China is preparing to start things in Taiwan …

Remember, this is an official training video of the US Navy, which, According to to the military branch, had to teach sailors the “importance of using correct pronouns, as well as polite etiquette when you may not be sure of someone’s pronouns.”

These are the priorities for recovery for the better.

I watch:

The video highlights the radical change in military readiness and standards that has taken place recently. Instead of training soldiers to fight and, more importantly, return alive, U.S. military leaders are focusing on creating a more inclusive, sensitive environment – as the Navy video shows. specifies, literally “safe space”. This is a waking joke.

Unfortunately, this crippling agenda is permeating the entire US military system, with gender and DEI (diversity, justice and inclusion) programs appearing in all six branches under Biden’s fraudulent leadership.

Meanwhile, our opponents continue to benefit from the miserable failures of this regime and the planned destruction of the United States. Add to that the fact that vaccine mandates have cleared a large number of our best military, and things look even worse.

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