US Granholm Energy Still “Bullish” Congress May Conclude “Significant” Climate Deal – TechCrunch

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm it is still “hopeful, positive and in fact bullish” that Congress can agree on a “significant boost to clean energy”, despite the virtual stalemate of the regulator on climate issues.

Before Congress halted a holiday in August, Democrats said they hoped to reach an agreement on the budget reconciliation bill. By effectively reviving aspects of the Build Back Better bill that died in the Senate last year, the legislation could include tax credits for reduce the prices of electric vehicles and means for the production of renewable energy. However, the specific data are not clear and the talks are over according to reports continues. The bill will need the support of Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Arizona.

Granholm made the comments during a TC sessions: Climate 2022 interview, which was recorded on June 10. Prior to that, the Secretary of Energy was Michigan’s first female attorney general and first female governor.

Watch the whole interview between TechCrunch and Granholm after the jump.

Asked if significant emissions cuts are still possible this decade if Congress fails to reach an agreement, Granholm told TechCrunch: “There are ways to get there without tax credits. But, you know, it’s a much bigger lift, of course. She added: “I guess we will get these clean energy tax credits. We can do it in other ways, but this is the surest way to achieve these goals. “

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