Uncharted will air on Netflix in July

Unchartedthe movie where Tom Holland recreated some of the iconic scenes from the PlayStation serieswill come to Netflix on July 15 for US customers According to What’s on Netflix. Although apparently many people have already watched the film (it is reported that it was made over $ 400 million during his performance in the theater), this will be his streaming debut.

If you are trying to decide whether to add it to your watchlist over the summer, I recommend it reading my colleague’s excellent review to see how it behaves like a movie (spoiler: more or less like those ancient buildings is Nathan Drake always destroys). I will add this as well, for a long time Uncharted a fan definitely didn’t feel essential to the series, but my wife and a friend who had never played any of the games fully enjoyed it. Your mileage may vary, that’s what I’m saying.

Uncharted makes its way to Netflix thanks to a deal made by Sony Pictures with the streaming service last year. Netflix lost the opportunity to make a streaming debut on a number of theatrical publications after Disney, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. all announced that the films they produce will debut primarily in their own streaming services (Disney Plus, Peacock and HBO Max, respectively). Sony was one of the other major film companies and agreed to move many of its films to the platform after their theatrical release. The deal also includes Morbiusa film that failed at the box office and was brought back to theaters through ruthless memes just to flop again. I’m sure Netflix is ​​very excited that it’s a gloomy time (because there are not enough problems to deal with right now).

Despite the deal and UnchartedWith the upcoming arrival, Netflix will not be the exclusive home for upcoming movies and shows based on PlayStation features. While Sony is working on a Horizon Zero Dawn show with Netflix, Twisted metaladaptation of will be on Peacockand The last of us is comes to HBO.

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