Ukraine attacks oil drilling rigs off the coast of Crimea: Officially News about the war between Russia and Ukraine

The head of Moscow-controlled Crimea said three people were injured and seven were missing after Ukraine fired on Black Sea oil rigs.

The governor of Moscow-controlled Crimea said three people were injured and seven were missing after Ukraine fired on three oil rigs in the Black Sea off the Russian-annexed peninsula.

“We confirm that there are three wounded and seven who have been declared missing. We guarantee that the search will continue, “Governor Sergei Aksyonov told Telegram on Monday, referring to the platforms of the Crimean-based oil and gas company Chernomorneftegaz.

This is the first reported attack on Crimea’s offshore energy infrastructure since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

Aksyonov, appointed by Russia as governor of the peninsula after annexation by Moscow in 2014, had previously said five people were injured in the attack before reviewing casualties.

He said three platforms had been targeted, causing the evacuation of 94 people at the sites, while 15 soldiers remained to guard them.

A search and rescue operation by air and sea continues, he said.

Chernomorneftegaz, sanctioned by the United States since 2014, operates several gas and oil fields in the Black and Azov Seas.

Aksonov said one platform had been hit, and Olga Kovitidi, a Russian senator from Crimea, told RIA Novosti that there were no casualties on the other two platforms aimed at the attack.

The Ukrainian military says a food warehouse in the Black Sea port of Odessa was destroyed in a Russian missile attack, but no civilians were killed.

The city has been subject to sporadic bombings since the start of the war and has been blocked by the Russian navy, while each side accuses the other of planting mines at sea.

Ukraine’s South Operational Command said Russian forces had fired 14 missiles at southern Ukraine during a three-hour barrage “in helpless rage at the success of our troops.”

The Russian military did not immediately comment on the reports.

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