Tyler Perry talks about the incident with Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar

Will Smith walking on stage and slapping Chris Rock to joke with the shaved head of Will Jada’s wife was one of the most controversial moments in the history of The Oscars . The incident caused waves in social media, news channels, talk shows and all forms of media.

One of the people seen talking to Will immediately after the incident was Tyler Perry . Perry and Denzel Washington were seen talking to the Men of Black star immediately after the crash, and now, a few months after the incident, Perry has spoken to people about what really happened and how he felt about it.

As part of a series of directors at the Tribeca Film Festival, Tyler spoke with Gail King and described how things were going at the Oscars.

Tyler made it clear that he would not justify what Will did, and said it was “wrong in uncertain conditions.”

But Tyler remembers that Will was as shocked as everyone else that night.

“He was devastated. He couldn’t believe what had happened. He couldn’t believe he had done it. And I look this man in the eye, saying, “What are you doing? This is your night, Tyler said.

Tyler said that when he and Denzel talked to Will immediately after the slap, he was not consoling Will, but rather trying to de-escalate the situation. “There is a difference between consolation and de-escalation, that’s No. 1, “Tyler said.

Tyler also revealed that he left early to go check on Chris Rock, who Perry said was “a pure champion” for the way he handled the situation. Perry said that from the whole incident, “being friends with both of them is very difficult.”

Since then, Chris Rock briefly touched on the incident during his stand-up routines, but declined to elaborate on the incident.

Will Smith, on the other hand, went on social media to apologize to Chris Rock and even resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The academy banned Smith from attending the awards ceremony for 10 years as a result of Will’s actions.

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