Two white men attack a black teenager in a viral video published by Bond

This week, Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes made headlines after a video of them harassing a black teenager. Both men not only harassed the 16-year-old but disfigured his car as he drove through their Florida neighborhood. The alleged incident went viral after the teenager’s father shared a partial recording of the interaction on Facebook. According to NBC News, on a confrontation arose on June 14 before 6 pm in the Sanford neighborhood, Florida.

The Seminole County Sheriff arrested Donald, 52, and Howard, 61, on the same day of the attack. However, authorities later released the two men on bail. According to the arrest report, teenager Jermaine Jones was driving a 15-year-old friend when the attack began in the Lake Forest neighborhood. The report said the men “aggressively approached” Jermaine’s vehicle with “verbal threats”.

Two men verbally attack a teenager and cause damage to a teenager’s car

But things went beyond the verbal. According to Jermaine, one of the men used a large traffic cone to hit and break down the car door. Meanwhile, the other “threw a large stone with sharp edges on the back seat.” Both Jermaine and his friend were still in the car at the time. The unidentified 15-year-old also told police that one of the men hit him with a traffic cone.

Jermaine and his friend were in the neighborhood to visit another friend when the men allegedly cut off his path and attacked. However, the viral video already shows the incident after Jermaine and his friend got out of the car. Jermaine filmed the damage as the two men walked around him, accusing him of “burnt out, racing [their] f ****** g quarter. ” An off-camera woman added to the crash, shouting “get out of this neighborhood” while filming.

“I was racially profiled while driving through my friend’s neighborhood. “They didn’t like the way I drove, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone and throw a stone out of my window,” Jermaine said in a video post on Instagram. “All I wanted to do was de-escalate until the police came because I had no intention of being charged for no reason.”

Two men verbally attack teenagers and cause damage to teenager’s car

The viral video shows the extent of the damage, including the rock standing among the broken glass in Jermaine’s rear seat and the dent in the car’s surface under the broken window. Donald and Howard are now charged with property damage and criminal mischief that resulted in more than $ 1,000 in damages. In addition, Howard faces criminal charges and Donald faces arms charges, per NBC.

Jermaine’s father, Columbus JJ Jones, took to Facebook to thank the public for its support and to ask for more charges.

“My son reflected me very well and kept his composure while filming, and I heard him trying to calm the fight, even while talking to the 911 dispatcher. Thank you again for your support and keep praying,” CJ wrote. “May God bless and protect us all, including the children, the neighborhood and these men. But the charges must be upgraded to the right charges, because if it were the other way around, I would still be in jail without bail. [unlike] them. ”

In one NBC interview, Jermaine’s mother, Nico Jones, reflects on similar incidents that have resulted in the murder of black people, such as Ahmaud Arbury and Traven Martin. Sanford is the same city where Trayvan was shot and killed by a neighborhood observer George Zimmerman in 2012

“As black mothers, we need to have these conversations,” Nico said of black families preparing their children for discrimination. “We are in fear.”

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