Twitterati was very impressed as Taapsee Pannu surpassed him as Mithali Raj

Twitterati were very impressed after watching the trailer for “Shabaash Mithu”, in which Taapsee Pannu plays the role of the legendary Indian womencricket player Mitali Raj.

The trailer for the Bollywood film was released on Monday (June 20th) and most of those watching it gave a thumbs up to Taapsee and the crew.

Sharing his thoughts on social media, one user described it as “one of the most beloved trailers of the year”, while several predicted that the film would be a blockbuster.


There was huge praise for lead actress Taapsee, who is known for playing difficult characters, while the performance of the supporting cast was also appreciated by some.

The release of the trailer comes just days after Mitali announced it retirement of all forms of international cricket. The film will be released in theaters on July 15 this year.

Here is a compilation of some Twitter reactions praising the Shabaash Mithu trailer:

Very very …… intriguing trailer! Wow team of Shabaash Mitu! @Taapsee fits so well into the role! Excited about the whole thing !! #ShabaashMithuTrailer

I liked the trailer. Well done to the team. This movie will break all records! 🔥🔥🔥#ShabaashMithuTrailer

#ShabaashMithuTrailer it looks so promising to me! They have always loved @taapseeHer versatility as an actress and she just did better in this movie, as it looks from the trailer.

I don’t think anyone is a better actor than Taapsee Panu and this film will go very well for her. #ShabaashMithuTrailer

Mitali Raj reveals her legacy

After taking up the sport at a time when women’s cricket was not considered a profession by many, Mitali believes her biggest legacy would be having normal girls playing street cricket.

In an interview with PTI after retirement, she said:

“I have been asked many questions about my heritage, but I have never found a good answer. I think I would probably normalize girls who play cricket on the street and enroll in academies. It wasn’t very often when I started playing. They said, “We don’t take girls to our academies, you take them elsewhere.”

The legend added:

“Now there is no academy that calls itself an exclusive academy for boys that does not allow girls to play. This gives me great satisfaction. The academy I went to, which I was told was a boys’ academy, has so many girls enrolling in the same place. “

The 39-year-old Mitali ended her stellar international career as a leading scorer in international women’s cricket, amassing 10,868 formats.

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