Trump’s second favorite, former Democrat, could hand over another defeat to Georgia on Tuesday

And of course, since this is a year of reorientation, each state has a brand new map of Congress. To help you keep track, you can find interactive maps from Dave’s Redistribution app Alabama, Arkansas, Georgiaand Virginia. Keep in mind that the presidential results we include after each constituency reflect how the 2020 race would passed under the new lines introduced for this fall. And if you want to know how much of the population in each new area comes from each old area, please see our redistribution tables.


Polls close in 19:00 ET.

GA-02 (55-44 Biden): Army veteran Jeremy Hunt overtook Air Force veteran Chris West 37-30 in the first round to face a veteran of the Democratic Republic. Sanford Bishop in Southwest Georgia, which turned a little redder under the new map. Hunt has used $ 310,000 to support the American Values ​​First runoff, funded by the super PAC by conservative megadonor Ken Griffinuntil West received no outside help. But West has it approval by businessman Wayne Johnson, who finished third with 19% and is is now suing Fox News for allegedly giving Hunt (who is also on trial) an unfair amount of positive coverage.

GA-06 (R) (57-42 Trump): Dr. Rich McCormick led by former State Ethics Commission Chairman Jake Evans 43-23 in the Republican primary for this new seat in the suburbs of Atlanta, although Evans had the approval of Donald Trump. McCormick, who lost the last cycle of the cycle in the previous version of the 7th district by the Democrat Carolyn Bourdain, won the support of the former US representative. Megan Hanson, a defeated rival who took fourth place with 8%. Outside groups have also spent more than $ 1.6 million to help McCormick in the second round, with several seats using Evans’ old writings to present him as “awakened.” Evans, by contrast, received little comparable help this time.

GA-10 (R) (61-38 Trump): An ugly runoff is underway in the race for the success of rap. Jodie Hayes, a far-right extremist who gave up the post in Northeast Georgia to unsuccessfully challenge Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger in last month’s primary. Truck owner Mike Collins managed to overtake the former US official. Vernon Jones 26-22 in the first round. Jones is a conservative A Democrat who became a Republican who won Trump’s support after he ended his long-running campaign for governor to run here. (By all accounts, Jones is Trump’s second favorite former Democrat. His favorite former Democrat is, of course, myself.)

Collins, who lost the 2014 run-off for the same seat from Hayes, continued to attack Jones – who has never represented any part of the county in either the legislature or the CEO of Decalb County – as an outsider. They have things only intensified in recent weeks, when Collins called his black opponent a “radical antibody racist.” Jones, meanwhile, claims he is a true Conservative in the race and that his enemy wants to be in Congress just because his late father, Mc Collins, served there. Gov. Brian Kemp, who lives in the 10th, backed Collins in the final days of the race.

GA-SoS (D) (49-49 Biden): State Representative Bi Nguyen leads the former state rap. Dee Dawkins-Heigler 44-19 last month in the race to face Republican Rafensperger, who surprised many observers by winning a re-nomination against Trump-backed Hayes. Nguyen, who will be the first Asian American elected across the state, continues to enjoy great financial advantage for the second round, and she also won approval from Gov. Candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams. However, Dawkins-Heigler claims that party elites support Nguyen because it is not blackinsisting that there is a “racial problem within the Democratic Party”.


Polls are closing at 19:00 ET.

VA-02 (R) (50-48 Biden): Four Republicans are fighting the Democratic Republic. Elaine Luria in a seat in Virginia Beach, where according to the new map drawn by the court, the difference for Joe Biden’s victory was halved from 51-47 to only 50-48.

National Republicans, including a deep congressional leadership fund, have consolidated behind a state senator. Jen Keegans, who enjoys a great financial advantage over her internal party rivals. The Keegans’ allies released a study in May that showed her decisive beating Air Force veteran Tommy Altman 43-9, with 8% going to Jarome Bell, a A fanatic of the big lie who took a far third in the 2020 primary for this seat. However, these numbers do not hold back the Democrats – who believe that Luria would be easier to beat Bell launch an advertising campaign designed to help him catch the GOP nod.

VA-07 (R) (52-46 Biden): The redistribution was made by the Democratic Republic. Abigail Spanberger’s headquarters are significantly bluer, dramatically transforming it from a neighborhood anchored in the suburbs of Richmond, an area largely based in Prince William County, Northern Virginia. However, all six Republican rivals still bet she is vulnerable, although there are there is no obvious favorite in the competition for GOP nominations, which did not attract much external costs.

A familiar name is state dream. Bryce Reeves, a rural politician who narrowly lost a unpleasant primary 2017 for vice-governor and has the approval of the NRA for his new campaign. Another prominent elected official is the county superintendent, Prince William Jesley Vega, who quickly raised a credible amount money after launching his campaign earlier this year. Meanwhile, Green Beret veteran Derrick Anderson, too raised funds relatively wellis positioned as a political outsider.

Two other officials are involved in the field, Stafford County Supervisory Board Chair Crystal Vanuch and Spotsylvania County Supervisory Authority David Ross, but neither spent much money in the early primary. Former teacher Gina Searsia, who did not attract much attention, is finishing the field.


Polls close in 20:00 ET / 19:00 local time.

AL-Sen (R) (62-37 Trump): Former Alabama Business Council chief Katie Britt has completed the first round with a broad advantage of 45-29 over Rep. Mo Brooks, a far-right politician whom Trump unceremoniously disapproved in March, and she enters election day as a favorite. Brit not only retains the support of her old boss by retiring sen. Richard Shelby, but so is she won the support of Trump less than a year after he ignored her as “in no way qualified” for the office. Brit too published double-digit leads in the polls as her allies overtook Brooks’ supporters almost 10 to 1 margin.

AL-05 (R) (62-35 Trump): Madison County Commissioner Dale Strong overtook former Secretary of Defense Casey Wardinski 45-23 in the May primary to replace Senate candidate Brooks, and a recent poll gave him a 46-31 advantage in this constituency in northern Alabama. However, Wardinski’s allies in the nihilistic House Freedom Assembly did not give up: they threw $ 200,000 in runoff messages, portraying Strong as a politician who “surrendered to the awakened liberals” and “escaped President Trump.”


Polls are closing at 20:00 ET.

Mayor of Washington (D) (92-5 Biden): Incumbent President Muriel Bowser faces three internal party opponents in his third term as mayor in a contest in which only a majority is needed to win the Democratic Party’s most important nomination. Bowser, many political observers agree there is no deep foundation of support after almost eight years in office, but also largely avoids alienating voters.

Bowser’s main enemy appears to be council member Robert White, a prominent left-wing critic who represents the entire District of Columbia in a big way. White has won approval from two influential alliancesthe Teachers’ Union of Washington and the AFSCME – and he released an internal poll at the end of the competition only 41-37 behind. However, Bowser entered the final weeks of the race with a huge financial lead, and she used it to run commercials arguing that White was “unbelievable.”

Another notable contender is board member Trajan White, who is not affiliated with Robert White. This contender made the national news in 2018 with his anti-Semitic comments and a catastrophic trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the United States, but it remains popular at its home base in the Anacostia region. Robert White’s poll showed that Trayon White took just 6%, although his presence could allow Bowser to win a re-nomination with only a multiple. The final candidate is James Butler, who took 10% against Bowser during its trouble-free primary elections in 2018 and did not attract much attention.


Polls close in 20:30 ET / 19:30 local time, although there won’t be much on the ballot because most of the races were decided in the first round. The run-offs will be held only on the republican side three state legislative seatswhile five counties will also hold local elections.

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