Trump’s famous call to Brad Rafensperger is enough to send him to jail

On Sunday, MSNBC’s Katie Fang invited former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman to her show to discuss Trump’s future – or lack thereof. And while I’ve heard enough covert analysis of “Trump is really doomed this time” to irritate me at least until the end of this millennium, Ackermann not only has decades of legal experience, but also works for seven years as a U.S. assistant attorney in the Southern District. of New York and previously as Assistant Special Prosecutor Watergate. And according to him, the scandalous phone call of Trump to the Secretary of State of Georgia Brad Rafensperger, in which Trump tried to persuade government officials to give him thousands of fake votesis the smoking gun that could finally break the crust of this irrevocable ass.

I watch:

PHANG: “You mention that you had tapes in the Nixon-Watergate situation. We still have a tape, don’t we? We have that Donald Trump tape that presses Brad Rafensperger. Don’t you think that will be enough?

Ackermann: “Oh, I think that’s enough. No, if you ask me which of the cases right now, who will send Donald Trump to prison, that’s right. There is indeed a purely three-year crime in Georgia that Donald Trump has committed. Prosecutors love the evidence on tape because you can’t question it. What is important about these tapes is that when you place it in the context of all the evidence that yang. 6 commission has revealed. If you take this together, Donald Trump has no zero defense in Georgia. If I have to invest my money in a lawsuit that will continue here, which will send Donald Trump to prison, it’s Georgia. There is no doubt about that. The only defense he has there is to try to somehow understand some ambiguity in the tape that he didn’t really mean what he said. But once you look at what he said, trying to get Brad Rafensperger to come out with extra votes to make him the winner in Georgia, and put that in the context of what Jan. 6 commission found, I think they have a case beyond a reasonable doubt. “

Me too really do you think this is the end of trump? Do you need someone? Hell, if I know. I was naive enough to think that Mueller’s investigation could ruin his presidency. But Trump no longer has a top adviser, Bill Bar, to defend him. And he no longer has the seemingly impenetrable shield of the presidency to keep him from moving.

But one thing is clear: this crazy dog ​​needs to be restrained in one way or another, and this needs to happen soon, or we may be left to shake our fists at his illegal antics for another four, eight or 80 years – assuming it is possibly isolate his DNA for cloning before his purple carcass was transferred to the crematorium as a killer whale by SeaWorld.

Squeeze your thumbs, people. Maybe in the end justice will prevail. And in a world where we often have a sharp choice between pessimism and optimism, I will always lean towards the latter. That’s the only thing that keeps me healthy.

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