Trump seems to suddenly realize that everything has changed

Despite the fact that Donald Trump often shows shockingly little situational awareness, he has an almost wild instinct for survival, which is rooted in knowing exactly when he is facing real problems and then attacking with perfectly timely anger. The House of Representatives election commission is not interested in Trump’s initial screams, and Trump himself seems to feel that “this time it’s different.” This is a real problem and the attack will not be of any real benefit. Think of his “the truth“Exit Saturday:

An unselect committee of political thugs and scoundrels is trying to use misinformation and outright lies to let the RAIL people into the arms of the Ministry of Justice. They do everything in their power to criminalize politics, absolutely not! I watched this short Ruskin make things and statements out of nowhere yesterday. Pure fiction!

The Democrats are playing very dirty, but the Republican leadership should never have allowed this Kangaroo Court to happen. Shame on the United States! “

Forget the normal self-obsessed Democrats who play dirty nonsense (as Bill Bar calls it), forget about the fact that Republicans had to burn the Capitol to the ground to stop this committee, and focus on all RAILROAD caps “in the arms of the Department of Justice And criminalizing politics. Because while everything else is “Trump’s normal scream,” the reference to the Department of Justice and Crime is where it is distributed. This is a real problem. This is not about ratings. This is not about polls. It’s not even about raising money, at least not yet. It’s a possible prosecution that changes everything, and Trump knows it.

In fact, Trump is actually aware when it comes to media attention. He always watched all the morning shows, not just the caresses. Do you remember Scarborough’s plight? So Trump certainly knows everything that revolves around the media. He has heard the cursing testimony come from the mouths of people he has entrusted to work for him. He has seen Committee witnesses break down “who, what, where and when”. He has heard a growing number of references to possible serious criminal charges, some of the people he once considered “his country.” He probably knows that the Ministry of Justice is already fighting the Transcripts Commission, with an official letter stating that these transcripts are necessary so as not to interfere the production of the grand jury is already underway. It’s different and he knows it.

As hard as it is to believe, it is unlikely that Trump ever thought it was unlikely to be persecuted. Trump is essentially a coward. If he thought he had a reasonable chance of facing jail on January 6, that would never have happened. Trump’s only principle is the wealth and comfort of Donald Trump, and he is not willing to risk anything for any reason, not even his own presidency. He was willing to try it if it meant Mike Pence and others had to die, or if others had to go to jail. Of course. But what if he faces jail? No way.

And that’s why it’s different. That’s why the “truth” above is so true of Trump’s panic. He never intended to risk himself. He is not Che Guevara. And he, damn it, doesn’t think he has to face the consequences of something that doesn’t even work. That would not be fair. From his point of view, it’s really worth panicking about.

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