Tristan Thompson has no “immediate plans” to meet his son Theo – WTF !!

Wow Tristan Thompson He has not yet met his son On s Marali Nichols and apparently has no plans to do so any time soon.

According to Us WeeklyThe 31-year-old basketball player refuses to meet the child, although he admitted that he gave birth to him with a fitness model while still in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend Chloe Kardashian. A source told the publication on Friday:

“Tristan is absent from Theo’s life. He did not meet Theo, nor did he initiate any meeting. He has no immediate plans to meet his son face to face.

If this is true, it seems that Tristan is trying to avoid his child and this situation, no matter what … What happened to the expectation of “looking forward to raising our son in a friendly way?” But we guess we shouldn’t. we are surprised, given that he and Marali were not exactly on the same page throughout this drama.

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Not only did the athlete not spend any quality time with Theo, but he also “did not communicate with Marali and did not send her child support money so far.” The insider added:

“This aspect is not yet legally resolved.”

As you probably know, the 31-year-old filed a paternity lawsuit against Tristan claim for child support, reimbursement of medical expenses and pregnancy expenses in December 2021. We watched the whole situation worsen during the final episode of The Kardashians on Thursday, during which her sister Kim Kardashian discovered that Tristan had contacted Marali in March 2021. She said by phone:

“This is what Tristan is saying – these are his words. That’s his whole statement. He wants a paternity test and admits to having sex with her. Khloe gave him his 30th birthday. So he came home from his 30th birthday party, went to Houston, Texas, to play on the road – we can check his schedule – and then slept with this girl.

IN SKIMS the creator continued:

“It’s so sad she wanted a boy. And now this girl has a boy. A random king he slept with one night? **to him. I was so team with him. We don’t know that [Khloé] he knows. How do we know if she knows? This is the job. We don’t know. We have no idea about a king, if she knows. She doesn’t answer. “

CoCo, meanwhile, has revealed how the infidelity and paternity scandal has made her uncomfortable – especially now that she has to go through this betrayal in public. Not to mention the fact that she was not even given the kind assistance:

“I know what Tristan is doing to the rest of the world. Politeness wouldn’t do that, but well, if you did, you wouldn’t even warn me to the rest of the world? It’s just an extra slap in the face. It’s humiliating. “

Tristan really he had to deal with this situation better in more ways than one. Reactions? Sound OFF in comments.

[Image via Hulu/YouTube, Maralee Nichols/Instagram]

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