Tribeca: “Good Girl Jane”, “The Cave of Adullam” and other proposals directed by women won major awards

The titles, directed by women, won the top prizes in the U.S. Storytelling and Documentary Competition at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

The winner of the Founders’ Award for Best Story in the United States, Sarah Elizabeth Mintz’s “Good Girl Jane” is a story about reaching the age of a lonely teenager whose life turns upside down when she falls in love with a methamphetamine dealer. The drama star, Raine Spencer, won the honor of best performance.

“Jane’s story is inspired by my first year in high school,” Mintz told us. “I spent most of my young life looking for a way out of my gloomy feelings and the shame they caused. I felt compelled to shed light on what this struggle looked like to me in an attempt to provide comfort and healing to those who have faced such struggles. The screenwriter, director and producer explained: “It took me most of a decade to develop and finally release this film and it happens at a divine moment when I can finally look back with love, tenderness and compassion for your younger self.

The winner of the best document, The Cave of Adullam, directed by Laura Chekway, peeked into the Martial Arts Academy in Detroit and followed three boys studying there. It also won the best installation.

Michel Garza Servera’s Huesera, a horror photo of a pregnant woman, also won two awards: the Nora Efron Award and Best New Story Director. Flor van der Meulen received a special award from the jury in the last category for “Pink Moon”, the story of older siblings who comply with their daily announcement that they are ready to end their lives.

Tribeca starts on June 8 and ends tomorrow, June 19. Go to the deadline to see all the winners, including Best Screenplay Winner Elizabeth Rodriguez (“Allswell”).

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