Trailer for Prizefighter: Crow starring in an 18th-century boxing drama

Put on your dukes and get ready to dance around a square circle like Basic video ring the bell for an official Prizefighter trailer. The striking shots include an abundance of rough knuckles and a bruised ego as fighters fight for pride, heritage and honor.

Here is the official synopsis for Prizefighter:

In 1800, Jem Belcher became the youngest world boxing champion. Belcher, played by Matt Hookings, dominated his early battles with his unique skills, speed and scientific approach and soon became the champion of England, a natural talent, radiating charm, style and grace. After a life-changing accident that risks ending his career forever, he embarks on a long, grueling road to recovery that ultimately forces him to compete against death – known only as the Forgotten Battle of the Century – to regain the title once and for all as England’s youngest boxing champion.

IN Prizefighter trailer characteristics Russell Crowe (Thor: Love and thunder, Crazy), Matt Hookings (Alice through the mirror, End of tomorrow), and Ray Winston (The dead, Sexy beast), with Marton Chokash (The last duel), Jody MayThe witch), Julian Glover (The Empire Strikes Back) and Stephen Berkoff (Octopus) also starred in this awe-inspiring biographical film from rags to riches.

In addition to Prizefighter trailer, Prime Video also revealed a gallery of photos from the new movie:

Prizefighter, Prime Video, Russell Crowe
Prizefighter movie, Prime Video, movie
Ray Winston, Prizefighter, trailer
Prizefighter, boxing, movie, trailer

Daniel Graham (Opus Zero, The obscure life of the Grand Duke of Corsica) directed from a screenplay written by Hookings. IN Prizefighter The trailer introduces a lot of drama into the story, while Jem Belcher opposes the expectations and limitations of the human body to become the boxing champion of England. It will take much more than blood, sweat and tears to achieve your goal, and not everyone hopes to succeed.

Prizefighter will begin streaming in Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service this summer July 22, 2022.

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