Top 50 Free Agents in the NBA for 2022

The NBA Free Agent Period in 2022 will expire in less than two weeks, and teams and players will be allowed to agree on preliminary deals no later than June 30.

Listed below are our top 50 free agents for the 2022-23 season in the NBA.

While most of these players are on their way to becoming unlimited or restricted free agents, some have options for a player or team for ’22-23. Our list only includes players we see as realistic bets to become free agents, which means veterinarians like it. Russell Westbrook and John Wallwho are extremely unlikely to give up their options for players of $ 47 million + are not included. Player like Jay Sean Tatewho will almost certainly exercise his choice of team is also not on this list.

Players who have contracts for next season are also not listed here, even if they are candidates for release. This group includes players like Danilo Galinariwhose salary of $ 21.45 million for 2022-2023 is only partially guaranteed for $ 5 million.

We will update this list periodically until June 30 to reflect the latest option solutions. For example, if James Harden chooses his player option for 2022-23, he will be removed from this list, as everyone below him rises in place and a new player enters the mix of numbers. 50. If Galinari resigns, he would be a good candidate to move into the top 50, removing the 50th player from the list.

Our rankings take into account both the short-term and long-term value of the player. If we have to consider only the value of the player for the season 2022-23, veterans like PJ Tucker and Thaddeus Young are likely to rank higher, while younger free agents with a rise, such as Donte Di Vincenzo or Nick Claxtoncan be ranked lower.

In addition to the players listed below, there are many other notable free agents this summer. You can view our breakdowns of free agents from position / type and by team for the full picture.

Here are our top 50 free agents for 2022:

1 Bradley BealeG, Wizards (player option)
Four or five players have a legitimate chance to be considered the best free agent this summer. I signal to Biel despite the disappointing 2021-22 season, in which he was limited to 40 games and made only 30.0% of his threes. Even during the year of decline, Beal continued to expand his skills as a playmaker, posting a career-high 6.6 APG. In each of the two previous seasons, he averaged more than 30 points per game. He is entering his season at the age of 29, so there’s no reason not to believe that a year of recovery is in store, along with a potential $ 200 million + contract this summer.

2. Zack LavigneG, Bulls
Although affected by a knee problem in 2021-22, LaVine averaged 25.8 PPG, 4.8 RPG and 4.7 APG when shooting .491 / .404 / .851 in its last two seasons in Chicago. winning his first two All Star nominations. After all, the injury to his knee – which he addressed surgically in May – should not be a long-term concern, so the 27-year-old is on the line for a huge salary this off-season, probably from the Bulls.

3. James HardenG, Sixers (player option)
Harden seems to be on his way to the biggest contract of any of the free agents this year, but a weak 2021-22 season by his standards (22.0 PPG, 10.3 APG, .410 / .330 / .877 shooting) has raised some new concerns – and forced trading for the second year in a row did not exactly tarnish his image. Harden will turn 33 in August, so this season may be the beginning of his decline, not a flash of radar. Of course, even if Harden does not regain his form as MVP, he is still one of the most talented playmakers in the NBA and a dangerous scorer. He and the Sixers seems likely to compromise of a profitable short-term deal.

4. Deandre AytonC, suns (RFA)
The Suns did not give Ayton the five-year maximum salary extension he wanted a year ago, and it seems unlikely they will put that offer on the table now that he is a limited free agent. This opened the door for Eaton to leave, especially if another team wanted to offer him a deal for a maximum of four years (worth predicted $ 131 million). Suns will do everything in their power to give the impression that they will respond to any offer, so that any serious opponent can win the former number. 1 common choice will have to negotiate signing and trading.

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