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When a dentist removes one or more of your teeth, you need to find a suitable replacement to cover the gaps. In addition to dentures or dental bridges, dental implants are a great choice as a replacement and can take advantage of the situation by making your mouth look natural.

Dental implants are popular in America, and statistics show that 5 million patients undergo this process each year. And although there are some drawbacks, you can consider placing dental implants as they have a wide range of benefits, and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Here are some of the unique reasons to choose dental implants:

They are comfortable

The procedure for fixing dental implants is performed by inserting them directly into the patient’s jawbone. The procedure helps to simulate the root of the tooth and offers good prosthetic support and increased strength. As healing progresses, the jawbone grows around the titanium rod in your jaw, which holds the implant firmly in place. The dental implant procedure brings additional stability, which makes the implant feel the same way as natural teeth.

It is not the same with other options for changing teeth, as they never simulate the sensation, especially the roots of the teeth. And their replacements do not make you feel as natural or safe as implants. Dental implants also eliminate the discomfort of loose dentures and the need to deal with messy denture adhesives.

Dental implants are universal

Partial dentures, full dentures and bridges are limited in the number of teeth they can replace. This can affect your treatment options depending on the number of teeth you have lost. Dental implants are certainly an amazing and versatile treatment. They can be conveniently fitted with a crown to replace one tooth, a partial denture, a complete denture, a bridge, multiple replacements or your entire dental formula.

And the beauty of the dental implant allows you, together with your dentist, to design for you a perfect treatment that not only lasts a long time, but improves the functionality of your teeth.

Implants look natural

With technological advances and the use of modern materials, dental implants look as realistic as they feel. The design of your dentures is specially designed to fit your void or tooth formula, making sure that the look of your smile is great and feels good. So, if your natural teeth are healthy, dental implants are designed to merge without a single mistake.

Implants not only look great on you, but also match the color of your natural gums. So, if you plan to place bridges, dentures or crowns on your implants, it will be difficult for others to understand what is natural and what is not.

They are durable

One of the main advantages of dental implants is their incredible durability. If you apply proper dental hygiene, your implant can last a lifetime, although as a result of wear and tear you have to change the crown of your implant every 15 years. Prostheses require replacement after five to eight years due to bone loss. By choosing dental implants, you save money in the long run and enjoy quality teeth for a long time, without any problems.


If you accidentally lose one or more teeth, technology and modern dentistry have improved teeth replacement options to choose from. But among the variety of choices, dental implants tend to beat all available replacement options. When you choose it, your teeth look natural, which helps you enjoy a constant smile for life.

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