Tom Hanks responded to the fans who knocked Rita Wilson off her feet

We all know Tom Hanks as a kind and smiling man who fell in love with us for the role of the sensitive Walt Disney, the genius Forrest Gump or the brave cowboy Woody.

However, he recently had to turn from an actor to a lawyer when a group of insane fans got too close to his wife, Rita Wilson . The previous night in New York, the Oscar-winning artist was furious when he nearly knocked his beloved off her feet.

“Stop acting like that! Stand back and go, damn it! Hit my wife,” Hanks, 65, shouted as the couple fled in a waiting car.

One of the fans could not contain his emotions and apologized for the behavior of everyone present. As we know, Tom has been on a press tour for several weeks to promote the film Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmann.

This month in Brisbane, Australia, Hanks left the company in time for lead actor Austin Butler.

We remind you that with his current wife Tom can boast of 34 happy years of family life. At the time of meeting Rita in 1981, Hanks was still married to his first wife, college sweetheart Samantha Lewis, with whom he had two children, actor Colin Hanks’ son and daughter Elizabeth Hanks.

Soon Tom and Wilson had two sons: actor and rapper Chet Hanks and Truman Hanks. Chet has been battling addiction for many years, but recently celebrated nine months of sobriety.

Despite his father’s impeccable reputation, in February the man admitted that he did not have a healthy male model as a child. I wonder if the father-son relationship will change for the better after the star’s recent fight with fans?

In a previous post, Tom Hanks’ son talked about his childhood. The responsive Forrest Gump or the on-screen Walt Disney evoke the warmest memories in the world of cinema, but the relatives of the actor Tom Hanks, it turns out, have not experienced the brightest feelings.

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