Tom Hanks defends Forrest Gump, winning Oscar for Best Picture against Criminal Reading

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If you’re a big fan of the Oscars, you’re probably aware that there are some controversial Oscar winners. Disaster won the best film Brokeback Mountain and Shakespeare in love collecting the award for best film Rescue Private Ryan are some of the most polarizing Oscar elections, but there is another that still annoys some. Forest Gump won the best film before Quentin Tarantino’s Criminal and some believed that the victory was not entirely deserved, because Criminal was seen by some as a more unique and innovative film that had to go away with the highest honors. This is a debate that still continues all these years later, but the star of Forest GumpTom Hanks is defending the controversial Oscar award.

While talking to New York Times MagazineHanks came out in defense of Forest Gump against some film critics who say it’s just a A Totem of Boomer Nostalgia. The actor said “The problem with Forest Gump is that he won a billion dollars. If we had just made a successful film, Bob and I would have been geniuses. ” Bob, who he is talking about, is the film’s director, Robert Zemekis. Hanks continued, saying: “But since we made a widely successful film, we were devilish geniuses. Is it a bad problem to have? No, but there are books with the greatest movies of all time, and Forrest Gump doesn’t show up because, oh, it’s this spicy nostalgic festival.

The actor then said that he often sees articles that challenge those of Quentin Tarantino Criminal he had to take the gold for an Oscar Forest Gump and although he admits that Tarantino’s film is a “A masterpiece without a doubt”, he believes in that Forest Gump however, he must receive what is due. Hanks said “Look, I don’t know, but there’s a moment of undeniable heartbreaking humanity in Forest Gump when Gary Sinise – he plays Lieutenant Dan – and his Asian wife approached our house the day Forrest and Jenny got married.” Then add that “Magic Feet” the scene broadcasts “Everything they have been through and they are grateful for every gram of pain and tragedy they have experienced. This is something intangible [expletive] right there. It’s not just a move to Dune Eddy’s Rebel Rouser. “ In the end, Hanks tries to point out that the film has something more than it seems at first glance and deserves all the recognition it has received.

Forest Gump practically swept the 67th Academy Awards, winning six Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Director for Robert Zemekis and Best Actor for Best Actor. Tom Hanks, just a year after he won the award in the same category for Philadelphia. Forrest Gump won Four weddings and one funeral, Quiz, Criminaland The Shawshank Redemption for best film this year, the latter being another great choice of film lovers as a well-deserved winner of the award over Forest Gump.

do you think Forest Gump deserved an Oscar for Best Picture?

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