Todd and Julie Chrisley break their silence after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion

Todd and Julie Chrisley open up about how they cope after being found guilty of fraud earlier this month.

During an episode of theirs Chrisley’s confession podcast, the 53-year-old immediately began reviewing their legal drama, sharing how their lives were a “whirlwind” after the trial:

“A lot of moving parts, a lot of things happening in our lives, and we see a lot of God’s movements right now. I know all of you guys want to know every detail of what’s going on in our lives, and I have to ask you to respect that we’re not allowed to talk about it right now. The time will come. ”

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Although the couple were not allowed to speak about the trial or their impending sentence, Todd gave some idea of ​​how it affected them, saying:

“We wanted to let everyone know that this is a very sad, heartbreaking moment for our family. But we are still steadfast in our faith, and we believe that God will do what He does, because God is a miracle worker – and that is what we hold dear. “

Julie also noted that the couple is “alive and kicking” and expressed how grateful she and Todd are for the support they received from fans during the trial. He then asked for prayers, calling it the “greatest gift” they could receive instead of flowers or food:

“It’s a difficult time right now, but we are grateful to each and every one of you who put in the effort / We are grateful and grateful for that.”

As you may know, reality TV stars have been found guilty of 12 counts of tax evasion, bank and bank fraud and conspiracy. Now they face up to 30 years in prison and are currently under strict house arrest until they are convicted in October. Sources said earlier Us Weekly who have Todd and Julie they have no idea what the future holds for them when it comes to their show and other projects, explaining:

“Any future planning in Todd and Julie’s life is almost on hold until they learn of the verdict in the fall. This is terrible news and they did not expect to be found guilty. Their whole lives changed at that moment. They are not sure what this means for the future Chrisley knows best and all their other projects that were in the works. No one knows what will happen or what to do at this stage.

With everything in the air after the conviction, the two shared that their children, chase, Savannahand Grayson“Everyone is doing the best they can – lots of tears [and] a lot of heartache, a lot of pain. ” Todd, who also shares daughter Lindsay and son Kyle with his ex-wife Teresa Terrysaid Savannah and Chase are likely to take over the podcast in the future:

“We have to walk and do what we have to do. We will continue to do Chrisley Confessions for as long as we can, and then Chase and Savannah will take over. And in that moment, they will be the ones who can fill you up for everything that is happening in our lives at that moment. ”

Of course, who knows what will happen to the Chrysley family – especially if Todd and Julie plan to appeal. As one of their lawyers, Steve Friedbergsaid the people:

“Both Krisli are devastated and disappointed by the verdict and will appeal. Julie and Todd are so grateful for the love and support shown by their family, friends and fans. Both remain strong in their faith and will continue to “fight” until they are justified. “

It seems that they are facing a long court battle …

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