TikTok says its US traffic passes through Oracle’s servers, but keeps backups.

TikTok, China’s video app, said Friday it was moving all data produced by U.S. users through servers controlled by Oracle, the Silicon Valley company, in a bid to persuade the U.S. government not to disclose Americans’ personal information to China. government.

But TikTok added that it would still keep its own backups of this information, potentially complicating the effort.

The application, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, announced in a blog post that it expects to eventually erase “the private data of American users from our own data centers and focus entirely on Oracle’s cloud servers located” in the United States. It was not specified when this would happen.

“For more than a year, we have been working with Oracle on several measures as part of our trade relationship to better protect our application, systems and consumer security in the United States,” said Albert Kalamug, Public Policy Officer at TikTok Division. says in the post.

The video app made its announcement to BuzzFeed News published an article describing in detail how TikTok employees find it difficult to successfully build their data from China. According to records reported by the news outlet, TikTok officials said Chinese engineers had access to US data as early as this year.

“As we have publicly stated, we have recruited world-class internal and external security experts to help us step up our data security efforts,” a statement from TikTok said. The company added that it set up a unit in May, led by the United States, to “provide a greater level of focus and management” on American data security.

In 2020, President Donald J. Trump has ordered ByteDance to sell TikTok on fears it may disclose personal information to Americans in Beijing. While the White House it was said that there is reached a deal to sell part of the application to Oracle and others, it never materialized. The Biden administration continued to explore TikTok and other opportunities for Chinese companies to control US data.

A White House spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the Treasury Department, which is a member of the commission that oversees foreign investment in the United States, declined to comment. Oracle also declined to comment.

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