Three-point position: Responding to the challenge of rivals from classmates

ATLANTA – From Challenge for classmates on Friday, national recruitment director Adam Gorny wrote about his surprise at how much better prospects they talked about Tennesseehow recruitment is moving faster than ever with the 2025 outlook and his thoughts on some of the outstanding defenders of the event in today’s three-point position:


Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson

I was sitting in the hotel lobby on Thursday for the Rivals Underclassmen Challenge media day and after talking to nearly 30 potential customers mainly in the 2024 and 2025 classes, I was amazed at how many were mentioned Tennessee when recruiting them.

David Stone said the Volunteers were moving up. Jordan Anderson definitely interested in Tennessee after his 7 on 7 quarterback Niko Yamaleva performed there. Cam Pringle is visiting Knoxville this weekend. Marquise Lightfoot, Joe Zia Edmund, Jamir Benjamin, Miles Jackson and Cutter Bowley there were only a few other leading prospects who said they were serious for Tennessee.

These statements support other conversations from the OT7 event in Las Vegas last week, where a bunch of other top potential customers talked about Volunteers and how much they are interested in the program.

When I sat down with Yamaleva and his father in Las Vegas, they talked about coaching Josh Huppelhis conscientiousness and what he did, but also the numerous assistants who made a great impression and how the five-star quarterback went from recruiting to recruiting. It’s definitely a team effort and the Vols aren’t on top yet, but things are absolutely in the right direction with so many elite players talking about them.




Bear Teni

Bear Teni

Early offers are nothing new in recruiting and honestly with the dawn of social media there are many new offers coming out all the time for younger players, but this weekend I was amazed at how deep some recruits are for potential customers even in 2025 class.

These are players who are still in their first years of high school, but many of them have double-digit offers, have already taken many extended tours to see colleges across the country and much more. Part of me wonders if it’s so useful so early with so many significant changes to the college football landscape at all times, but getting a quick start – and as much information as possible – can’t hurt either.

Here are some of the latest news from the 2025 outlook: Marcus Harris face Georgia and Texas among his favorites; Jordan Davison there are four stand out; Kobe Howard I just received LSU offer and visited Texas A&M; Winston Watkins he’s already involved with Texas A&M, but he did Ohio, Clemson and other pushing; Bear Teni just landed in Georgia and Tennessee after visiting both schools; Brett Bordellonwhen not asked for a teammate Arch Manningthere is Alabama, Georgia and LSU. There are so many others – and it’s still so early.



Chambery McClellan

Chambery McClellan

The 2024 group was well represented by Chambery McClellan winning the MVP position and beyond KJ Jackson, Mabri Metauer and Miles Jackson everyone has their brilliant moments throughout the workout. McClellan is on the weaker side, but still throws powerfully and has a great time with receivers. Metauer is great and has the talent to support him, Jackson has great strength and is a left-hander, and Jackson also had an impressive performance.

But I especially watched the band 2025 because You are Jay Latif had its moments, Antoine Hill is a full 6 feet 5 and 215 pounds and can be really special down the road, Zander Smith there are several Power Five suggestions, but he showed a lot of abilities after that Cutter Bowleywho just landed a Michigan offer, has the potential to be really special in the coming years.

As the camp progressed, there was a serious debate over whether a high school student was actually the best quarterback at the event. Jaden O’Neill from Los Alamitos, California, is big, physically fit and far beyond his age in terms of being a technician in the QB location. Among a group of really talented quarterbacks, much younger than him, O’Neill looked great.

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