Three-point position: QB domino, TCU momentum, USC Lincoln Riley links

National Recruitment Analyst Nick Harris considers the quarterback domino 2023 in mid-June, TCUrises on the recruitment track and USCTexas ties have played in his favor from the beginning Lincoln Riley era.

1. Where are the top quarterbacks in 2023 who are leaning on dominoes still to fall?

In the last few weeks, numerous dominoes in the 2023 and 2024 classes have fallen into the quarterback position with Dylan Rayola committing to Ohio, Eli Holstein to Alabama, CJ Carr to Notre Dame and much more across the country.

However, some of the biggest names in the 2023 class still remain unrelated to Arch Manning takes its last of three planned official visits this weekend, Jaden Rashada closing decision and Dante Moore seeing the noise around his decision.

Manning will arrive in Austin on Friday as Texas he seems to be pushing hard in the lead, stepping out of the swing when visiting both Georgia and Alabama earlier this month. The noise with the Bulldogs has never been higher on Arch’s third weekend, but we’ll see if Texas can get the same after his visit after his departure on Sunday.

Rasahda announced on Thursday that he would postpone his decision for eight days from Saturday to June 26th. Buzz is everywhere in the four-star, as it is far from a clear favorite to go to the final stages. In a conversation with Rashada last weekend in Las Vegas, he praised the SEC West and the competition in this division in particular and that it would be a great environment to prepare him for the NFL. If the game in this division is as big a deal as he leads, it would obviously be beneficial Texas A&M and Oh missthe latter also has the advantage of having a brother, novel, now on the list. However, Florida is the school that has made the most noise in recent weeks after a major official visit to Gainesville over the weekend, while Miami can take him to campus for an official visit this weekend. A train in the Rashada amusement park will have to ascend and descend only a few more steep hills.

On the other hand, Moore’s name does not seem to be separable LSU as the Tigers have made a big impact in recent weeks. Michigan is also right on top with its valuable outlook in the state now that it is a full five-star all-in approach. Can one of these two programs close the deal before the end of the summer? Or will it retire by the fall with the potential of other programs catching up?


2. The transition class of Sony Dykes in TCU is filled with high potential.

Avian Carter

Flights Carter (

TCU made a very difficult decision in the middle of the 2021 season, firing the longtime head coach Gary Patterson and import Sony Dykes to be the man in Fort Worth. Although the results of the field have not yet been proven, the work on the recruitment trail is worth noting as summer begins.

Last week, we saw Horned Frogs score high when Amarillo, Texas, four-star Taskosa finished in defense Avian Carter made his promise by rejoining his former high school teammate and signatory from 2022 Major Everhart in Funkytown.

While Carter heads the class, their to-do list has scattered names that show real potential for upswing and show off-season development. Cordale Russell has the raw tools you want for a large body receiver, TCU’s latest committee Javen Wilcox shows good coverage ability in the middle level, Trevor Gusby is now courting other major programs and Zachary Chapman is ready to show all his elite instruments after mostly injuring his high school career so far.

Not to mention that TCU won a direct victory over Texas with Lafayette Caywaypromise last month.

But what is the potential of this class? Can he compete for the top 3 Big 12 classes? Top 10 nationally?

The requirement should be to add a few more key parts to the class and it is certainly possible. From Mikal Harrison-pilotTCU’s decision to focus on its career in the receiver, TCU appears to be appropriate. Ruben Owens II came on an official visit earlier this month and has Horned Frogs right there mixed with its leading contenders. In addition, I continue to feel good about their chances with colleagues in the state who are coming back. Cameron Cook.

The question of how successful TCU probably cannot be answered by the fall, but the pieces are slowly beginning to gather in Fort Worth.


3. Lincoln Riley continues to show his recruits in Texas and Louisiana.

Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley (AP)

While Lincoln Riley there may be a permanent ban on some field houses in the state of Oklahoma, which has not stopped the first year USC head coach from entering familiar territory for some great victories so far in class 2023.

Of the nine USC commitments as of June 17, three reside in the state of Texas as Braxton Myers chose the Trojans over LSU and others while A’Marion Peterson and Quinten Joyner both made sudden promises after large visits to Los Angeles.

However, this does not stop there, as USC remains strongly in the mix for other prospects of Lone Star State, including Breylan Shelby, Jalen Hale, Marquis deal, Terence Green and Warren Roberson, all of whom have been on official visits or will make this weekend.

But even in neighboring states, including Oklahoma, the USC has placed itself right in the mix for Mika Tees and most of all Taket Curtis who had some great things to say after his recent official visit to Los Angeles.

USC has always been attractive in the Mid-South region as children gravitate toward the city and the program’s rich history. But now that these built-in advantages are combined with Lincoln Riley’s widespread knowledge across the region, USC’s potential to bring out the best talent is the highest in more than a decade.


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