Thousands of cattle in Kansas have died from the heat and changes in humidity

Cattle that cope with drought.

I took the time to enjoy some of the life on the farm over the last few months, at least all the time. We take time to take care of the horses, our chickens and a few other animals. In more rural Kansas, horses are at a time when, due to the heat and high humidity, they need aggressive water planning, as well as more frequent “spray descents”, as trees that would traditionally provide coating, not doing so well lately. year. This situation is reflected in all areas of animal management in Kansas in the last week the devastating moment from winter to the immediate high heat led to thousands of cattle deaths.

The three largest beef producing countries in the country, Texas, Nebraska and Kansas may be facing problems, but a statement from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment came as a blow to the industry and sent an alarming sign of what fate will bring to the animals..

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