“This is Matt Olson, for whom the brave are brave.”

IN Atlanta Braves attracted first base Matt Olson this off-season replacement Freddie Freeman. Olson is a good player, but no one expected him to completely replace Freeman. The two players are in completely different skill levels.

At the moment, this remains true. Freeman beats .291 with six home runs, 35 RBIs and six stolen bases in his new team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Olson’s statistics do not exactly coincide with Freeman’s, but he is not far behind. He beats .248 with nine home runs and 32 RBIs.

These aren’t bad numbers, but Braves fans wanted more than their new first baseman. They know he is capable of that. Last season at the Auckland Athletics, Olson hit .271 with 39 home runs and 111 RBIs. His base base plus breakout was .911. Currently it is only .798.

During tonight’s game against the San Francisco Giants, Olson reminded Atlanta Braves fans of what he could bring to the table. He has pure power.

With his team losing 2-4 in the third inning, Olson climbed to the top with two men at base and one out. Giants pitcher Anthony DeSklafani offered Olson a breakthrough from the first court. It hung over the middle of the plate. Olson did not hesitate to turn it about 432 feet to the right center field.

Olson gave his team the lead and restored the faith of his fans in it.

Do I dare say it again? This is Matt Olson # Brave traded for.

Here’s how Atlanta Braves fans reacted to the blow with three runs on Twitter.

Matt Olson comes to life, releasing Homer with three runs

Atlanta Braves first baseman Matt Olson has scored 0.248 with nine home runs this season.
Atlanta Braves first baseman Matt Olson has scored 0.248 with nine home runs this season.

This user pointed out that Olson’s home run ended the return with four runs for Braves in this game.

Matt Olson just smashed Homer all the way to San Francisco! 😳 Braves lost 4-0, now we are leading 5-4 #ForTheA

Many fans said Matt Olson was not worth the eight-year, $ 168 million contract the Braves gave him this off-season. He thinks everyone is wrong.

Matt Olson haters in SHAMBLES !!!!

This user thinks that this week you will not see a better baseman than Matt Olson.

Matt Olson is the best 1B you’ll see this week

This user is grateful for the eight-year contract with which Braves signed Olson.

I can’t believe we still have at least 2,658 days from Matt Olson

This has not been confirmed, but this fan claims that Olson’s home run is 515 feet today.

Matt Olson’s home run in the 3rd inning was approximately 515 feet, according to Statfax. The longest HR that Freddie Freeman has ever been in @TruistPark went only 432. https://t.co/tJpK2XKrtg

This user called all the Braves fans who hated Olson just a few weeks ago.

We all saw you hate Matt Olson two weeks ago

At the time of writing, the Braves have a 7-6 lead over the Giants in the fourth inning.

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