#TheyLied prosecution for alleged perjury and false evidence

I missed it when it was filed in September and I just heard about it due to procedural developments:

ROVIER CARRINGTON has been charged with a criminal complaint printed yesterday for perjury …. for falsifying this evidence under penalty of perjury. He will now return to New York’s Southern District – this time to be charged. “

According to the allegations contained in the complaint …:

Between June 2018 and July 2018, CARRINGTON committed perjury in connection with a civil case (“Civil Case”) filed in the Southern District of New York. In the civil case, CARRINGTON is suing Hollywood executives, alleging that the executives sexually raped him and deceived him in connection with his decision to refuse to produce the CARRINGTON reality television program. CARRINGTON has sought $ 50 million in civil damages.

In support of its allegations in the civil case, CARRINGTON included as evidence in an amended complaint ten email chains, which included the following alleged exchanges:

CARINGTON: I need your help. I was not created for that. [third party] threatens me and [Executive-1] thinks I have to sleep with him all the time for my projects. I was promised that my series and reality show would make the studio a lot of money. [Third party] is shit and pimp. I’m not a whore. Then Harvey [Weinstein] nonsense. I’m done.

Counterparty Account-1: Trend my man. You have to obey [third party] if you plan to continue. [Executive-1] ruin your chances then Harvey [Weinstein] damn it. I understand it’s hard to fuck these Hollywood devils, but it’s that Hollywood shit.

CARINGTON: Thank you for reviewing my concept of reality. I have so many ideas as a bisexual love interest and I could look for a third one who is completely gay but only one during the finale. Major, right? I hope this does not take away the audience’s interest in my dramatic series, which I will send you. I will discuss with [third party] and [third party] for the press. Omg, we could be completely focused [Executive-2’s company] because of your persuasiveness [third party] to set me free, just ask me to protect me from him and [Executive-1] which ruined me [third party company] deal. I must mention that I thought about whether you will make me eradicate my business relationship with [third party] just so you can own me and not really produce my shows … You totally demand sex before business, so just think.

Executive-2: Honey, all I can think about is hitting you, like I did when you were a boy. Dad owns you. My boy 🙂 🙂

But these email chains were counterfeit. In response to an investigation by the District Court overseeing the civil case, CARRINGTON was unable to provide the original versions of any of the email chains. The versions of the email chains attached to the amended complaint also could not be found in the email accounts belonging to others who allegedly sent and received the email chains. In addition, law enforcement authorities found that versions of two of the email chains attached to the amended complaint did exist in email accounts belonging to others, although the versions attached to the amended complaint had been substantially modified by CARRINGTON to support its allegations. in a civil case.

CARRINGTON deleted the content of one of its email accounts, which allegedly contained some of the email chains the day after it filed the amended complaint. He deleted the contents of another of his email accounts, which allegedly contained some of the email chains two months later, in violation of a retention order issued by the District Court in a civil case.

CARRINGTON submitted a statement swearing under penalty of perjury that the email chains in the amended complaint had not been falsified or altered …

The charges in the appeal are simply charges and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

For more information on this new procedural development, see “Rover Carrington arrested for non-appearance in a criminal case“Hollywood Reporter (Winston Cho) and this file, which includes the judge’s response.

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