The world’s first PlayStation 5 “Slim” already exists thanks to YouTuber

PS5 is a giant console, the greatest in modern history, and DIY YouTuber has already created the PS5 “Slim” model, which is slightly more than the thickness of the plastic boxes that house the PS5 games. Matt Perks, known as Do-it-yourself benefits on YouTubehas spent considerable time and effort creating the PS5 Slim, which reduces the size from almost four inches to just under an inch.

The result is a thin copper console that contains the key components of the PS5 and a rather giant external power supply and cooling solution that can be hidden. Most of the PS5’s thickness comes from its cooling heatsink and power supply, so DIY Perks moved them to a long external device to make the actual console much more attractive on a TV stand.

Modified PS5 ‘Slim’ in action.
Image: DIY Perks (to YouTube)

A customized water cooling system replaces the PS5’s existing cooling solution and uses a copper coating to channel water through the processor. This sheet also includes several thermal bridges that help cool components such as the SSD and power supply that are attached to the PS5 motherboard.

While Sony has reduced the power consumption of some previous PlayStation models to create thinner versions, this is a bit out of reach for DIY and moderation. Instead, DIY Perks followed the path of the PS2 or PS One slim models, creating an external power supply.

The slim version needs a giant external power supply and cooling device.
Image: DIY Perks (to YouTube)

This external power and cooling device initially caused a crash by frying the PS5 motherboard because the module fell and blocked the airflow to effectively cool the console. After replacing the motherboard, the PS5 “Slim” successfully launched and played games as you would expect.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this custom cooling solution also leads to some temperature improvements for the PS5. DIY Perks measures major improvements in RAM and VRM temperatures and notes that temperatures can be further reduced with an even larger external cooling module.

While some will call the huge power and cooling unit a hoax, the whole project is still a fascinating 30-minute journey through the trial and error of modding consoles. The custom copper water block is impressive in how simple DIY Perks makes it, built with a jigsaw and simple tools. Fortunately, scalpers probably won’t be working hard to make the PS5 “Slim” a reality on eBay any time soon.

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