The White House spokesman is on a “black list” that restricts which media to be invited to special press events.

It is common knowledge that accommodation in the White House briefing hall is strategic; the big media have long been given priority over the smaller media to ask questions at every press briefing. Practice shows a bias on behalf of the White House towards publications that will repeat their programs and points of conversation.

Journalist Cutis Hawk calls it “an esoteric and covert selection process of how White House press officers choose and choose which reporters are allowed to attend White House events.”

During a press briefing at the White House on Thursday, the New York Post Stephen Nelson grilled White House spokesman Karin Jean-Pierre for an alleged “blacklist” of press events addicted to certain media.

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Nelson took the opportunity to ask a question to seek answers to the idea that the White House is selective and media-addicted.

“For more than a year now, the White House press center has been holding events in the cabin, the state dining room, the executive office building,” Nelson said. “There is a process where people are elected and can take part in these presidential events, where the president often answers questions.

Nelson went on to say, “The Correspondence Association has been trying in vain to understand how this process works, and over time it has become a kind of ‘blacklist’ where some big media like mine are…” at which point he was suddenly interrupted.

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– Black list? Jean-Pierre asked.

Nelson noted that it is one of the largest publications in the country and has not been “elected since November”.

“This is a transition to a blacklist,” said Jean-Pierre. “But I’m listening.”

Nelson then pointed out that it was not the only channel that had been unfairly banned for certain events.

“I didn’t know that,” was Jean-Pierre’s simple answer.

Nelson referred to a recent revelation that the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) sought to abandon its old methods and adopt a new selection methodology; he requested an additional answer on the selection process.

Nelson asked, “I was hoping – I know you’re new to this position – but could you explain how the election works?”

“I don’t really know the process you’re talking about,” Jean-Pierre said. “Blacklist is a very strong word to use.”

Jean-Pierre said: “We are trying to make sure, to do everything possible to ensure that the press hears the president directly… This is important for the American people.”

Jean-Pierre noted that she and Steve Tailorthe head of the WHCA will talk in the coming days and she will talk to him about it.

Once again, the administration avoids important questions in order to expose the defense of the leadership’s bias in the White House.

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