The Walling Graduate student gets emotionally surprised

WALLINGFORD, CT (WFSB) – A graduate of Wallingford received a big surprise during his rehearsal for graduating from high school.

Yahya Kardad was called to the stage during an event at Lyman Hall High School on Wednesday.

According to those who know Kardad, he moved to Wallingford from Morocco in 2018. He had not seen his father for several years.

That was until Wednesday.

Miss Jana Gurga posted the video on social media.

“People are sacrificing a lot to get where they are,” said Lyman Hall director Joseph Caruso. “Honestly, this must be one of the best times I’ve been a part of graduation or rehearsal, so I want a few people to come. Yahya, take a walk on stage. ”

Lyman Hall French teacher Karima El-Hamrawi helped coordinate Kardad’s father’s surprise arrival at the time.

Father and son hugged emotionally.

“I am emotional. “I don’t feel emotional,” Caruso said. “You boys need to realize the sacrifice your parents made for you.

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