The UN summit on biodiversity has moved from China because of Covid-19 policy

BEIJING: A The united nations a biodiversity summit will be held Canada instead of China, organizers announced on Tuesday, the second major international event to be moved from China due to its strict anti-coronavirus policies.
The Ministry of Environment of China announced that the meeting will be held in December last year Montreal, where the secretariat for the organization of the summit is located. The ministry said in a statement that the decision was made “after a thorough examination of the pandemic situation at home and abroad.”
China withdrew last month to host the 2023 Asian Football Cup. It also postponed indefinitely the 2022 Asian Games, a sporting event scheduled for September in Hangzhou.
The country adheres to a strict “zero Covid” policy that restricts international visitors and repeatedly blocks parts or all of cities to eliminate any epidemic. The approach is increasingly at odds with other major countries that have loosened restrictions and are moving towards living with the disease.
The Biodiversity Summit is similar to the more famous UN Climate Summit. Countries that have acceded to the Global Compact for the Conservation of World Plant and Animal Species meet regularly to try to achieve the goals set out in the Pact.
China will continue to chair the upcoming summit, and the theme and logo will remain unchanged, the environment ministry said.
Beijing, the Chinese capital, hosted the Winter Olympics in February, creating a bubble that keeps participants isolated from China’s general population.

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