The UN condemns the “senseless war” in Ukraine

GENEVA: The UN human rights chief condemned Russia’s “senseless war” on Tuesday. Ukraine nor did it demand an end to the “unbearable” suffering of the civilian population unleashed by the invasion.
Michelle Bachelet called for an immediate end to hostilities and compensation for war victims, in his last appearance before United Nations Human Rights Council.
“As we enter the fifth month of hostilities, the unbearable toll of the conflict in Ukraine continues to mount,” he said. The United Nations said the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
“With daily killings, widespread destruction, arbitrary detention and mass displacement, civilians bear the brunt of hostilities that seem to have no end.
“For the sake of every victim of this senseless war, the killings, the tortures, the arbitrary detentions must stop.
She presented a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine in the context of the Russian attack from the February 24 to May 15 invasion.
“The high number of civilian casualties and the extent of destruction caused to civilian infrastructure continue to raise serious concerns that the attacks carried out by the Russian armed forces are not in line with international humanitarian law,” Bachelet said.
“Although on a much lower scale, it also appears likely that the Ukrainian armed forces did not fully comply with IHL during eastern parts of the country.”
Bachelet said as of July 3, more than 10,000 civilian deaths or injuries had been documented in Ukraine, with 335 children among the 4,889 dead.

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