The SEC’s roots are deep and varied for Thompson at Auburn

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Omaha, Nebraska – As a baseball coach at Auburn for the past seven years, including his recent participation in the Men’s College World Series, Butch Thompson is completely indoctrinated with the War Eagle culture.

But its roots in the Southeast Conference are as diverse as they are deep. As such, he knows a great deal about the SEC’s rivalry from all unique angles.

A native of Aberdeen, Mississippi, he grew up as a fan of Ole Miss as his father. Once a year, his father, a big fan of Archie Manning, led the young Butch to a Ole Miss football game.

“That would be a special thing,” Thompson said. “I would go and try to steal all the souvenir cups. I would try to take 70 or 80 of them when I was young.”

So when he first took a job as a pitching coach in Mississippi in 2009, leaving his job as an assistant coach at Auburn at the time, he admits he was horrified to tell his old man.

“I didn’t tell him I got the job in Mississippi when I first got it because he was that type of Ole Miss. He would never leave her, “Thompson said. “And I went home before he heard about it, because nothing can be heard from Starkville, Mississippi, in this house. I had a week to play with him. He was not on social media.

“I went in and he was sitting there at the table and I threw my hat down to Mississippi. He said, “Boy, get this out of the house.” I said, “I’m the new coaching coach in Mississippi.” He bowed his head and said, “I guess the blood is thicker than the water, let’s go.” “

Earlier in his career, Thompson also spent time as a coaching coach in Georgia. Shortly after he was hired in 2002, he was called to the office of former UGA legendary football coach Vince Dooley, then the school’s director of athletics.

“Vince Dooley, the first time I sat down with him as a new employee, he asked me what I knew about the SEC,” Thompson said. I said, “I remember being in Oxford that day (the former Georgia was running back), Herschel (Walker) jumped that line. He jumped over the pile, landed on his feet, and ran to the end zone. I was absolutely there and I hated you all. “

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