The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson hopes that Ukraine will host Eurovision 2023 – deadline

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson joined UkraineRussia’s Minister of Culture, reaffirming that the besieged Eastern European country should be able to host next year Eurovision Song Contest, saying “they won it honestly and fairly”.

This was announced on Friday by the European Radio and Television Union (EBU). that despite the tradition of this year’s winners hosting an event next year, the situation in Ukraine meant that they would not be able to provide the necessary infrastructure and accordingly they are negotiating with the BBC in the UK, this year’s runner-up.

The Minister of Culture of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko expressed his dissatisfaction with this decision, saying: “We will insist on changing the decision. The hosting of Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine is a powerful signal to the whole world that supports Ukraine now.

We will insist on making this decision by chance, because we believe that we will be able to fulfill all our commitments, as we have repeatedly emphasized to the European Radio and Television Union.

“That is why we are pushing for further negotiations to host Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine.

Johnson seems to agree with these sentiments, telling reporters on Saturday:

“The Ukrainians won it honestly and fairly, although we had a brilliant participation and they should be given a chance to host it.

“There is one year left. It will be fine by now Eurovision Song Contest is coming around and I hope they get it. ”

Johnson spoke to RAF Brize Norton after returning from a trip to meet with President Zelensky in Kyiv, where he said the streets were busy and the citizens were “confident”.

The Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine won the competition last month in Turin with an impressive 631 points and subsequently auctioned off its winning trophy to raise money for the Ukrainian army.

The United Kingdom’s participation, Sam Ryder, was the second to bring the United Kingdom its best result in decades.

Following the EBU’s decision to speak to the BBC about hosting the event in the UK – this year’s runner-up – four cities have so far expressed a desire to host. They are Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

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