The popular Christian group Truth attracts thousands to the Mobile Church

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Thousands gathered at Cottage Hill Baptist on Friday night to celebrate 50 years of a popular Christian band, True.

True was founded by former Springhill Baptist Church pastor Roger Breland, and Friday night was their last night of singing, dancing and dancing together.

The traveling music group True has performed over 10,000 concerts, toured 27 countries and had over 400 alumni in the group and has influenced thousands through the power of music.

“I walked into the auditorium and I couldn’t walk two feet without coming across someone I’ve known all my life,” said John Breland, a song by Roger Breland. “It’s just a big family reunion. Thousands of people will celebrate tonight. ”

This group attracted people of all ages, applauding the family on stage.

“I’m just a proud niece,” said Hannah Phillips, who was present. “I’m excited to see her sing and perform. I hope they do great. “

Those affected said True showed millions their purpose in life over five decades of worship, shaping churches and leaders around the world.

“It really is a lasting legacy of God’s faithfulness over the years,” Breland said.

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